007, Marvel and fast and furious – what is interesting to see in the spring

Агент 007, супергерои Marvel и Форсаж - что интересного посмотреть весной

007: No time to die YouTube

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Spring will be extremely rich in interesting movies: wait for continue favorite franchises, new blockbuster movies about superheroes and interesting openings of the Ukrainian kin.

Forward (March 5)

Film company Disney has created a whole new entertainment world. Live fabulous creatures – unicorns, gnomes, dragons, trolls, but the magic is long gone, but because these creatures are a way of life most similar to our own. Everything changes when one of the brothers-elves get a special gift…

Cleanup (March 12)

Modern Ukrainian cinema from the notorious and scandalous Mikhail Ilyenko. The film – poem of Taras Shevchenko “In the Catherine building on the platform…”. Girl sends Cossacks to save his brother, although not really brother and loved one. The outcome of the rescue mission and deception – see in theaters.

Quiet location 2 (March 19)

Continued quiet places 2018-on-year, which was attended by an unexpectedly large number of positive reviews and ratings. John Krasinski is only directed to Emily blunt will join Callan Murphy and Brian Tyree Henry together to fight with monsters and people who survived.

Mulan (March 26)

Disney is a remake of its classic cartoon about a Chinese Princess who goes to war dressed as a boy. The courage is so big that she gets the title of national hero in China. New mutants (April 2) Restart a new franchise of x-men. legnedary New heroes was supposed to come out in 2018, but the film was sent back for revision. In the franchise with”star will appear in the “Game of thrones” – Maisie Williams (Aria stark).

007: No time to die (April 9)

The film, which everyone had feared: there were rumors that bond will retire, but instead 007 will be women. Actually it is not: the bond will come from pensions, to help the new agent with two zeros to cope with superobesity a criminal, its in the film will play Rami Malek, who last year received an Oscar for acting in a biopic about Freddie mercury.

Black widow (30 April)

Scarlett Johansson is back on screens in the role of the Black Widow – the events of the new film take place after the events of the film “the First avenger: Confrontation.” Fans will be able to see the return of the heroes to his family and to assess the dynamics family relationships family of Black Widows.

The fast and the furious 9 (may 21)

VIN Diesel will once again ride a cool car, and his enemies will bump into it. All together this graphic madness will not tell new stories, but will please fans of the franchise that had long since ended.

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Recall, Marvel showed the greatest battle in history.

As reported by the portal “Know.ia”, star of the “Harry Potter” Daniel Radcliffe will play the superhero in Marvel: the details of the new role of a former magician.

Also Know As.Eeyore” wrote that Marvel in a big way will celebrate the 80th anniversary of his Universe: Amazon and Disney Store, it pays to know fans.

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