$1.50 more per ticket at Cineplex, a justified decision?

Extra $1.50 per ticket at Cineplex, a justified decision? < /p> UPDATE DAY

Cineplex theaters announced a $1.50 increase per ticket purchased on the website or mobile app, a move that would allow the company to invest in its digital infrastructure.

During the pandemic, theaters have suffered significant losses, which may explain Cineplex's decision to impose these additional fees on online ticket purchases.

“It's a lot of money this year that has not returned to the coffers,” said digital media specialist Bruno Guglielminetti, in an interview with Quebec Matin.

“People are slow to return to a level as important as before the pandemic in the room”, he continued.

Mr. Guglielminetti says a $1.50 hike per ticket purchased online could help Cineplex increase revenue.

“Cineplex is banking on the fact that people want to see the movie so badly that they're ready to pay an additional $1.50. When you look elsewhere, it happens. We have seen most of the big players at the level of cinema operators, in the United States in particular, add a tax”, he underlined.

“They need it since times are particularly difficult for people who operate cinemas,” said the specialist.

Bruno Guglielminetti, digital media specialist, explains the decision of the listed company with the consequences of the pandemic on cinemas .