$ 1 million fine for illegal cigarettes

A Drummondville villager exploited an illegal trade in tobacco sales for the least prolific. Serge Rolland allegedly sold or delivered millions of contraband cigarettes from 2016 to 2018.
The e 27 August, he was sentenced to pay a million dollars in fines in 12 months.

This conviction is the result of an operation carried out by the Sûreté du Québec

(SQ) on November 15, 2017 and March 7, 2018. Police had carried out searches for the home of Rolland.

They had seized two owned vehicles, two garages under his control and a total of more than 27,000 contraband cigarettes.

“The evidence also showed that Serge Rolland had sold or delivered more than 7.28 million contraband cigarettes between March 2016 and March 2018,” said a press release.

“The court ordered the confiscation and destruction of the seized tobacco, as well as the seizure of the two vehicles belonging to the offender. Mr. Rolland was also sentenced to serve a 45-day intermittent term of imprisonment. ”

On August 20, Roland Aubin of Plessisville was ordered to pay $ 50,591 in three months.

Following an investigation by the SQ Contraband Investigation Division on July 26, 2017, police searched a vehicle in Sainte-Julie and seized 51,800 cigarettes. The court ordered the confiscation and destruction of the seized tobacco, as well as the seizure of the offender’s vehicle. In addition, Roland Aubin’s driver’s license was suspended for a period of six months.

These two individuals are among 11 people who have been convicted of offenses related to contraband tobacco, said Revenu Québec. These people were sentenced by the Court of Quebec to pay fines totaling $ 2,139,467.54 in delays ranging from two to 24 months. In addition, another offender was sentenced to serve prison sentences.

These people were particularly blamed for selling, delivering, transporting or having in their possession tobacco for retail sale in Quebec whose package was not identified in accordance with the Tobacco Tax Act. , not to be registered in Revenu Québec’s files or to hold any of the licenses required by the Act to carry on commercial activities related to tobacco products.

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