10 alternatives to kitchen stove

The modern kitchen requires something more than a hob and an oven

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10 альтернатив кухонной плите

A variety of techniques speeds and simplifies the cooking process. Want to fry without oil? Here aeropittura, hot bread with a crispy crust? Compact bread maker. Going to a barbecue, but the weather ruined everything? The grill offers.

In this selection we have collected ten compact kitchen helpers. All of them deserve to be registered in your kitchen, and perhaps completely replace the “mastodon” in the face of the stove.

1. Slow cooker

The slow cooker is such a gift from above for all who do not like to stand at the stove. No need to set the burner control so it doesn’t burn or boil dry. Bookmarked products, has chosen a suitable program, and when ready slow cooker will remind you with sound signal. Bon appetit!

MOYO recommends Tefal RK807 Spherical Bowl 4 599 UAH.

10 альтернатив кухонной плите

2. To multipiece

Food can be quick, healthy and crispy. Proven owners multipiece. It’s sort of a successor of convection ovens, but with great potential. To cook them anything. Even French fries, and with almost no using oil.

MOYO recommends Philips HD9621/90 5 699 UAH.

10 альтернатив кухонной плите

3. Microwave with convection

Function convection turns an ordinary microwave oven into a full-fledged oven. If you want to save some space in the kitchen, installing an oven – microwave oven with convection – your option.

MOYO recommends Samsung MC28H5135CK/BW for 6 999 UAH.

10 альтернатив кухонной плите

4. Bread

To bake bread alone the power of each. But the modern bread maker do not even need to know the recipe and hand kneading the dough. She will do everything for you. Poured in the ingredients and an hour later, the second took out her fresh and fragrant loaf.

MOYO recommends Philips HD9016/30 3 599 UAH.

10 альтернатив кухонной плите

5. Steamer

Steamer does not require advertising. Diet, healthy lifestyle, and just for variety, some food cooked in steam, will be useful. In a good steamer can cook as cereals and meat with vegetables – complete food with health benefits.

MOYO recommends 19270-56/RH Cook at Home Food Steamer for 1 UAH 499.

10 альтернатив кухонной плите

6. Yogurtnitsa

Store-bought yogurt often far from fermented milk product called yogurt. To make real yogurt in your own kitchen easier.

MOYO recommends Tefal YG500132 2 199 UAH.

10 альтернатив кухонной плите

7. Electric

The furnace is very compact and easy to move and remove “on the far shelf,” if a long time it is not necessary. It can be a good alternative overall wind closet to free up space in the kitchen.

MOYO recommends Tefal OF444834 3 999 UAH.

10 альтернатив кухонной плите

8. Teapot

Worst-first is not about the modern crepes. This device will not take up much space and will help to fry the pancakes “wholesale”, and most importantly – without pans.

MOYO recommends Russell Hobbs 20920-56 1 079 UAH.

10 альтернатив кухонной плите

9. Grill

In General, perhaps the most useful accessory for the modern kitchen. The available models are not much higher than the cost of the grill pan, but much more functional and easier. Grilled vegetables, homemade paninis, meat and more will be prepared within minutes and exactly as the chef wants.

MOYO recommends Tefal GC305012 2 899 UAH.

10 альтернатив кухонной плите

10. Aeropittura

Aeropittura in their functions are almost identical multipede, but still a slight difference there. For fans with a fondness for French fries and other foods a crispy crust, aeromechanical can be a good option for the transition to a healthy diet.

MOYO recommends Sencor SFR3220WH 2 795 UAH.

10 альтернатив кухонной плите

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