10 canadian programming to discover

10 émissions canadiennes à découvrir

Little is known of the canadian television programs. Our star system is strong and the canadian productions are often drowned out in the lot of the american programming. Yet, it is the good tv among our canadian neighbors. A few days of Canada day, here are some projects to find out who flout our two solitudes.

The Murdoch Mysteries (2008-2020)

This historic series of police knows a nice longevity with 13 seasons to his credit (a 14th has just been confirmed). We are at the end of the Nineteenth century in Toronto, and it follows the investigations of detective William Murdoch, who is fascinated by science and the technologies are often revolutionary. The actor montrealers Yannick Bisson is the star.

► Available on Gem, and in a French version on Addik TV and illico

Anne with an E (2017-2019)

The most recent adaptation of the work of Lucy Maud Montgomery, a classic of canadian literature. We are at the end of the Nineteenth century. Anne is a young orphan who has character and who is in superb form. It is collected by a lady and her brother, two seniors, who were hoping for a guy to help them on their land. They decide to keep it and defend it in its values feminist for the time.

► Available on Netflix, Gem, and in a French version on HERE tou.tv

Cardinal (2017-2020)

Most well-known among us, and distributed everywhere on the planet, this mystery series starring Karine Vanasse and Billy Campbell. Podz has made the first two seasons. Cardinal is an investigator with a little cantankerous plagued by the death of his wife. He teamed up in spite of himself with Lise Delorme on crimes often committed against women in remote regions in Ontario. The four seasons have also been at the heart of the series. The first showing the rigors of the winter, which is rare on our airwaves.

► Available on Crave, and in a French version on the Super Screen and Vrak

Baroness Von Sketch Show (2016-2019)

Show in sketches that focus on the absurd and satire. It features four actresses, three of whom have made their classes in comedy at the Second City Toronto) living daily situations that often take a tangent unexpected, or completely off the wall.

► Available on Gem

Schitt”s Creek (2015-2020)

This series is a family affair. It was created by actor Eugene Levy, seen in several american comedies (including the franchise American Pie), and his son Dan, who plays his son. His daughter is also part of the distribution. His great friend, Catherine O’hara, portrays his wife. It follows a rich family who, after having by their commercial director, loses his entire fortune. To the street, their only hope to rebuild a situation in a small town without large-scale that the father had offered the joke to his son twenty years before. Schitt”s Creek is a small village of which the mayor does not have a lot of class, and the inhabitants no great aspirations. The Rose will need to become acclimatized. A delicious clash of cultures. The comedy came to an end this spring after six seasons.

► Available on Gem, Netflix, and in a French version on Series +

Workin’ Moms (2017-2020)

The reality of mothers return to work after a maternity leave, this is what is proposed in this comedy which is in its fourth season. Anne, Frankie, Kate and Jenny are part of a social group of mothers who share their experiences of work-family balance-couple. The AA of the maternity, but in addition to irreverent. It follows them in their daily lives and in their speeches during which they no longer mince words.

► Available on Gem and Netflix

Kim’s Convenience (since 2016)

This charming comedy featuring a Korean family, the kims, whose father is the owner of a small grocery store in the Toronto area. A former teacher who immigrated to Canada, he tries with a little awkwardly to adapt to her adopted culture. His wife is a volunteer at the church. They share values very traditional, which ails their children. The youngest, Janet, lives with them. She is studying at the university and has a temperament of artist. The oldest, Jung, works in a center for car rental, where her boss is madly in love with him. He rebelled as a teenager and no longer speaks to his parents since. This comedy highlights, with much humor, the daily challenges of an immigrant family, whose children have grown up here. Last march, while the series finished its fourth season, CBC has renewed for at least another two years.

► Available on Gem and Netflix

New Eden (2020)

The English call this a mockumentary. Designed according to the codes of true crime, this series of eight episodes gives voice to two founding mothers of a New Eden, a community entirely of women, who has turned to the disaster in British Columbia. There is Katherine Wryfield, the more ready of the two, and Grace Lee, the simple-minded. They met in a cult in which the guru lay heavily about the women. Hence their desire to start at the end of the 70’s, an alternative movement for women. But the disagreements, breach of trust and the harm will multiply until Kat and Grace are incarcerated. We are in 1998, where they are completing their sentences of 8 years in prison, and they agree to tell their version of the facts for the first time. Several actors of the time also come to testify. It is succulent and very well done.

► Available on Crave

Letterkenny (2016-2020)

With eight seasons under its belt, this comedy soap is literally enter in the popular culture. Created by actor Jared Keeso (the Chartier of the English version of 19-2), it has also given birth to of special shows and events, a live tour (interrupted because of the pandemic) and a collection of t-shirts and promotional material. Letterkenny is a small, rural town (fictional) of Ontario where there are barely 5000 inhabitants, including farmers, dealers in drugs, athletes who play it, small people that is said to be without brains, Native and even a few Quebecers. It follows the daily lives of Wayne and his sister Katy, who run a farm and a kiosk product with their friends. It also follows two hockey players of the local team, who have, both, a relationship twisted with Katy, love series. Wayne is also protective, and made to abort several of his relations. The humor is often quirky.

► Available on Crave

Transplant (2020)

It was making a lot of noise in this new series of medical English produced by the québec home Sphere Media. First, because Laurence Leboeuf, who plays one of the main roles, and then, because it was acquired by NBC in the United States. Its subject is very current. Dr. Bashir Hamed fled the syrian civil war. He knows how to make use of non-conventional and resourcefulness to respond to emergencies. He is a resident at the hospital York in Toronto. A position that it has not been smooth, as do many immigrants. The grafted, it is him.

► Available on Crave

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