10 cans for the deck

10 canettes pour le deck

The cocktails are in fashion. Of all the colors, full of sparkling flavors, no need for a degree of mixologist or bar tout garni to enjoy, many ready to drink products in cans are now on the market.

Little or no sweet, there’s something for all tastes, and they can be found everywhere. Easy to carry, practical for picnics and allowed on the beaches, here are 10 all-new ready-to-drink quebec.

Gin Ginger Wabasso

The Gin and Ginger is a cocktail that is original, developed from the gin Wabasso. Slightly sweet and quite refreshing, with or without ice, it evokes the fresh ginger, as much by its taste, its color, and the pleasant bubbling that it provides on the tongue ! It is 7% alcohol/vol.

Gin and tonic Royal Blue

The gin and tonic Royal Blue of the distillery BluePearl is inspired by the gin and Royal Blue, the color blue turns into purple at the contact of the tonic. Result ? A nice cocktail, sparkling lilac color that tastes the flower, gently, without being too sweet. 7% alcohol/vol.

Spritz Amermelade

Produced by the Spirits Iberville, Spritz Amermelade in ready to drink cocktail stands out with its taste of orange, seasoned with a hint of ginger. Typical appetizers of type apérol, light bitterness comes out of local ingredients like sweet balsam. Perfect on ice, it is 7% alcohol/vol.

Romeo”s gin spritz

Delicious, this gin spritz of romeo”s gin ! Mix gin and soda in the blood orange and rhubarb, it is barely sweet, with a hint of acidity and a slight bitterness. Containing 7 % alcohol, it comes in a pretty bobbin illustrated by Meka, a montreal-based artist.

The Drav D98 vodka + coconut Menaud

Instant travel in the south, thanks to the Drav D98 of the distillery Menaud. With its smooth, creamy texture of coconut, this exotic cocktail surprises with a hint of lime tart, the sharp edge of the vodka, and the sweet velvety dark chocolate. 7% alcohol/vol.

Spritz The Islands

Very festive with its beautiful color of orange soda-carbonated, ready-to-drink Spritz The Islands is complex in flavors, pleasantly natural. Containing ingredients such as rhubarb, Labrador tea, and sea buckthorn, it is dominated by aromas of orange blossom, lemon and a subtle bitterness. 7% alcohol/vol.

Happy Camper

Barely sweet, with a taste of vitality of pink grapefruit, the Happy Camper of Station 22 is absolutely thirst-quenching, ice or directly from the bobbin. Cocktail of sparkling water and wine, it will appeal to fans of fruity beer, with its delicate bitter hoppy. 5 % alcohol/vol.

Cider Lacroix Lot 300

Blow of heart for the cans of Cider Lacroix Lot 300. Available in 4 fruit flavours and very natural enhanced subtly the taste of the apple, they are absolutely refreshing and not too sweet. Perfect for an afternoon in the sun. 5.5% alcohol/vol.

Ginto Oshlag

The Ginto to Oshlag, version fishing, or hibiscus, is unique in its kind, with its fine foam and light. Fragrant and slightly sweet, barely bitter and no taste of alcohol noticeable, it is quite refreshing and easy drinking… maybe a little too much ! 7% alcohol/vol.

Waxwing Gin bohemian

An excellent gin and tonic, where one recognizes the juniper accented with a slight taste of citrus, this is the Waxwing Gin bohemian-Artist In Residence, developed on the basis of their gin Waxwing. Very stylish in its bobbin colourful decorated with a bohemian waxwing. 7% alcohol/vol.

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