10 cheap Android smartphones accelerates to 10%

Android Go 10 focuses on speed and memory savings

Evgeniy Opanasenko

Yesterday, 12:01

Android 10 ускоряет дешевые смартфоны на 10%

Android 10 Go will be in late autumn

Android Go is a special version of the mobile operating system from Google, designed for cheap and weak smartphones with RAM less than 1 GB. Following the complete Android version 10, came out of the Microsoft music player Android 10 Go, which was 10% faster than Android 9 Go, and is very safe to use.

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Android 10 Go’s emphasis on speed due to more rapid and efficient memory handling, and unloading of a multitude of unnecessary and resource-intensive applications replaced by web versions, which allowed the operating system to take up less space on the internal drive.

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Responsible for the safety Protocol encryption Adiantum. It was created by Google specifically for inexpensive and weak devices. Thanks to him, the encryption is carried out without performance degradation.

Google also stressed that recent app updates play an important role. Go to Google appeared read out loud function on the basis of artificial intelligence, and visual search the camera lens and the app Gallery Go uses AI to organize your photos offline. YouTube Go was also optimized, improved performance and compression of streaming data.

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The first smartphones based on Android Go 10, should appear in late autumn. Mobile device on this OS, as a rule, start from $ 80.

Earlier, Android earned on the keypad of the mobile phone Nokia. Also Samsung officially receive Android 10 – named smartphones.

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