“10 the voice of the country”: how was the last day of the blind auditions

Find out who was in command of the star trainers

Anastasia Ocheretnyuk

Today, 23:49

On the first day of spring was the final stage of the blind auditions of vocal talent show “Golos Krainy 10”. The seventh broadcast of a celebrity coach MONATIK Potap and Nastya Kamenskikh have already formed teams, but they have the ability to one extra party. But Tina Karol with Dan Balan still have two opportunities to Supplement the team with talent.

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First on stage in the seventh broadcast was released Tatiana Ignatenko from Berdichev. A girl of nine years came to casting “the Voice of the country” and every time I heard failure: “Then I don’t have enough vocal. My thirst to get into the show is so strong that despite all the setbacks, I have not allowed myself to give up. I started working on myself more, become stronger, more confident. I’m gonna rip that stage to deploy one of the chairs. I just can’t forgive myself for yet another defeat.” To conquer the mentors she tried a hit Evanescence – Bring me to life and made the choice to Dan Balan.

Before the performance, the 33-year-old Tamara Baluk coaches didn’t turn around to two parties, so the Governor pretty worried, But as it turned out, quite in vain! The cult song Lady Gaga Shallow touched the hearts of all trainers. Tamara decided to fill up the team of the coach who turned to her first. They found Dan Balan.

Anastasia Balog with the most popular song of the blind auditions this season – Bad guy Billie Eilish came to get to the team Dan Balan: “I’m a fan of the charismatic coach Dan Balan. He inspires me, because a very creative person, he is the cosmos. Dan’s got a large audience of fans. Every time all of our fan group waiting for him after filming to take pictures, get an autograph, take a video. That’s my main dream is to get into the team of my beloved trainer. I will rip this scene, so he heard me and turned around”.

Moldovan performer from the first seconds turned his chair to the girl, felt her message from the stage.

Angela’s Kansuzyan from Abkhazia went to Ukraine two days to act “Golos country 10”. She is originally from a small village where there is no possibility for development. But the singer still doesn’t stop and is working on his vocals. Sensual Angela sang the song Cocaine than was able to turn to yourself again Dan Balan.

In the project all of a sudden returned Roman Susanin. The first decade of the Roma came to the blind auditions of vocal show “the Voice. Children” seven years ago. Then it would one coach, and when after the performance, all the red chairs are turned around, the boy mistakenly thought that he could hit the all star coaches. And only behind the scenes, the mother explained that actually he did not pass on in the show.

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The novel, as promised, came to the project again and became a member of the second season of “the Voice. Diti.” He was able not only to deploy all of the red chairs, but to get the coveted winner’s Cup to the team coach Tina Karol. Roman now 17 years old, he is studying in Terebovlia the College of culture and arts, and continues to do what he likes music. The young man came to the project again to start a new stage. The guy sang the hit Alessandro Safina Luna tu.

Tina Karol to the last didn’t recognize the voice of his ward until I pressed the red button. But apart from the singer to the Novel it turned into the rest of the coach. Suddenly, all 17-year-old boy went to the team of Dan Balan.

An unusual arrangement and the same unusual tone of voice – 25-year-old Ksenia bug sang the sensual song “Cry”. A street musician was visibly nervous. Of course! After all, Tina Karol, there are only two places – two chances to participate in the project. Pop diva at the end of the execution turned his chair to the girl and gave her a chance to reach their potential.

The tension among the participants behind the scenes was growing, because of Tina Karol was only one place that came to fight 20-year-old Anna Trubetskaya. The dream of young girls to repeat the career success of her idol Tina.

For the blind auditions, she chose the song “pole of attraction” and wrapped the chairs of all the coaches. The very same Carole was impressed by the strength of Anna’s voice.

“You sang this song better than I do. Inside you – the whole planet,” commented the performance of Tina.

Kamensky immediately recognized the girl. It turned out that Anna and Anastasia did in correspondence in social networks and are familiar with each other thanks to another vocal project.

Before you choose a celebrity coach, she asked Tina Karol to sing along sensual track singer. After stunning duet became obvious the girl went to the team of idol, thus depriving the two participants the chance to compete this year in the blind auditions.

The ability to choose extra participants, none of the coaches during the anniversary season, not used, so the next stage show and vocal knockouts.

Earlier we wrote how was the sixth edition of the show “Golos Krainy 10”.

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"Голос країни 10":  как прошел последний день слепых прослушиваний

"Голос країни 10":  как прошел последний день слепых прослушиваний

"Голос країни 10":  как прошел последний день слепых прослушиваний

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