“10 the voice of the country”: the show will start vocal battles

Participants will compete for continued participation, performing one song a duet

Inna Petrova

Today, 09:43

According to the results of the blind auditions star trainers anniversary season of the vocal show “voice of the country” gathered their teams at full strength – each of them 16 participants. This Sunday, March 8, the singers will compete for the victory in the main battle of the era, performing on stage, one song a duet.

According to the rules of the show, the results of the fighting in the teams of trainers will be only 8 participants. Also, each all-star coach has the right to “theft” – after the announcement of the results of the battle for ten seconds, it can click and collect to his team the entrant who lost.

"Голос країни 10":  на шоу стартуют вокальные бои

“The voice of the country 10”

This Sunday on “Golos country” will sing not only the participants but also star trainers. Dan Balan, Tina Karol, PTP with NK and MONATIK prepared for the audience a real vocal performance trainers will perform the hit Dance Monkey combined with own songs.

Open vocal fights will be team members MONATIK: modern Hutsul from the Carpathian Sergey affair and the priest’s son Andrew Podolak. They will sing the legendary hit Elton John “Believe”.

"Голос країни 10":  на шоу стартуют вокальные бои

Roman Sergey and Andrey Podoluk

“I am ready to fight for his place. For me it is very important to reach the next stage of the show. By example, I want to prove to everyone that a regular guy from a small village may become known, and Shine in the whole country. Our performance opens the fighting tenth season on “Golos country” – it is a real and very serious talk” – he admitted before going on stage Sergei novel.

To fight for further participation in the show “Golos Krainy” will be one of the most prominent participants of the season – artistic Director Anastasia Kartvelishvili and body positivity Mariam Jordania. Girls will light the main vocal stage song your star coach NK – Elefante.

"Голос країни 10":  на шоу стартуют вокальные бои

Mariyam Jordania and Anastasia Kartvelishvili

“It doesn’t matter where you’re from and how you look. The main thing is how you sing and what your voice is, ” – says Mariam.

The girls admitted that they have friends on the project and hope that the one who will not pass down the results of battles, be sure to steal someone from the coaches.

Team members Dan Balan along with her coach will prepare a surprise for Tina Karol. In a vocal duel on stage anniversary season rural blogger Sergey Clanis and the winner of “the Voice. Diti” Roman Susanin of the song Tina Karol “No rain” in an unusual arrangement.

"Голос країни 10":  на шоу стартуют вокальные бои

Sergey Clanis and Roman Susanin

Before going on stage the guys confessed that they feel “real war” on the project: “This song is a gift, and we sing it to Tina realized that her feels for Dan Balan”, – said Sergey. He also added that competing with such a strong vocalist but as a novel it is difficult, and therefore will have to exert maximum effort to defeat the opponent.

The team of Tina Karol, too, will surprise the audience with a strong vocal number: former writer entertainment projects Yuri Samoilov and radio host Dennis Zhupnik will perform hit The Weeknd – The Hills.

"Голос країни 10":  на шоу стартуют вокальные бои

Yuri Samoilov and Denis Zhupnik

The boys practiced long and responsibly preparing for the performance, it is considered an honor to sing such a famous song: “lucky for Us, this song has collected nearly 1.5 billion views on YouTube, so it definitely will. Me to do her harder as I used to stand on the other side of the screen. Fate gave us such a great chance to change everything, I want to use it as much as possible, ” said Yuri.

One of the two participants will leave Tina in their team, and who will lose, find out this Sunday.

Earlier we told you how was the last day of the blind auditions on “the voice of the country 10”.

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"Голос країни 10":  на шоу стартуют вокальные бои

"Голос країни 10":  на шоу стартуют вокальные бои

"Голос країни 10":  на шоу стартуют вокальные бои

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