10 tips for a successful move at the time of the COVID-19

10 conseils pour un déménagement réussi au temps de la COVID-19

The ball moves is at our doors and the current context is more complex, certainly this ritual, already chaotic for many. Several measures of hygiene and safety are to be adopted for the hundreds of thousands of people in Quebec who will take part in the dance of the boxes over the next few weeks. Here are a few.

1. Follow the basic principles of hygiene

Surprise! The moves are no exception to the measures already recommended, and hammered over many times since the month of march. If you move or help people move:
– Don’t wear your hands to your face.

– Wash your hands frequently during the day, for at least 20 seconds each time. If you still don’t have access to a faucet, use hand sanitizer.

– If you cough, do so into your elbow.

– Keep a distance of two metres with the people who are not part of your household throughout the move.

2. Hog all the district, it is not

If the Société d’habitation du Québec recommends the hiring of movers, these become the most scarce commodity” on the 1st of July and many of you will have to call on relatives. Needless to solicit your team frisbee at large. Choose a few people to be reliable that you are around relatively frequently, even if the move takes a little more time than expected. The goal remains simple: to reduce the number of different contacts and the risk of contagion.

Starting the move, don’t be afraid to remind your helpers or your movers to the rules of hygiene and make sure that they do not have symptoms of the COVID-19.

3. The preparation has good taste

To ensure you to be methodical on the day of the move, take extra hours to prepare it. Place your boxes and your furniture in the order of their exit to avoid the back-and-forth in the slot, and then communicate these movements to your teammates.

If you rent a truck, clean the areas that have been particularly manipulated before you start to use it.

Archives: trucks move in the streets of Montreal on July 1, 2012.

4. Not everyone at the same time

Create small teams (or pairs) for the day, and avoid changing the position thereof in the course of the road or find yourself all at the same time in a same room. The person who starts in the truck stays in the truck. The person who is busy with household chores rest on the household chores. It avoids once again the multiple contacts.

For the moving of large furniture, encourage the use of straps. They help to keep at a distance more acceptable among its movers.

5. A small gesture for the next occupants

Few people take the time to clean the housing they leave behind, although it is always recommended to do so. In the current context, it is more important than ever to leave the premises in a clean condition, especially the bathroom. If you are in the race for leaving your accommodation, take at least a moment to clean the bathroom for hygiene and respect for the next occupant.

6. Cleanliness above all

Arriving in your new home, take a moment to disinfect the bathroom, which will be quickly used by your assistants and you. Also pay particular attention to door handles and switches. Cleaning is never to be overlooked. This year, disinfect it thoroughly.

7. The little more for your loved ones

The refuelling of your employees remains of paramount importance on the day of a move, but it should be done by avoiding sharing dishes, water bottles, etc, Plan the essentials for each of your loved ones: water bottle identified, mini hand sanitizer, portable, snack, etc., If you opt for the good old pizza, choose a single person to do the service individually, rather than let everyone pigrasser in the boxes.

8. All in the wash

Rags cleaning towels, blanket protection for furniture, and clothes worn during the day: do not shake anything after your move to avoid sending particles into the air, but wash all the textiles in the hot water mode is set to “sterilization”.

9. Bye Bye paper

During your moving process, promote always the receipt of electronic invoices rather than paper. This saves you many contacts in the hardware stores, the restaurants, with the movers, etc

10. The little guardian angel

Take on the role of security officer, or determine a guardian angel in your group to ensure the smooth running of the removal according to the hygiene instructions in force. In the heat of the action, we tend to forget quickly… And still it is difficult to maintain the detachment in line at the grocery store in the transport of a refrigerator.

Archives: the Move on 1 July 2018 on the avenue Moncton, Quebec.

10 conseils pour un déménagement réussi au temps de la COVID-19

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