10-year-old student “massacred” by classmates during recess: she was “jumped on with both feet” on her head, her mother testifies

10-year-old student "massacred" by classmates during recess: she was "jumped on with both feet" on her head, her mother testifies

L’agression a eu lieu dans la cour de récré dans l’école de Square Michelet (illustration). – Wavebreak Media LTD

Friday June 7, 2024, a 10-year-old child was attacked by other students in her school. She was hospitalized for almost a week. The victim's mother filed a complaint and suspects the school of wanting to cover up the affair.

Synda had been being harassed for several months. Friday June 7, 2024, the young girl attending a CM1-CM2 double class in the 9th arrondissement of Marseille, was severely beaten by other students in her school, reports < strong>Le Figaro.

"I told my daughter to defend herself with her words and warned the school principal, who replied that talking about harassment” ; was a big word", denounces the mother, remembering the course of events.

The bullying and other teasing turned into intimidation caused by a CM2 student known to be disruptive and with a worrying profile. "This boy, who had already integrated five different educational teams, is known for insulting teachers and throwing notebooks in each other's faces. He started harassing my daughter, calling her “fat”, “ugly” and “brown”. She could no longer defend herself, she explains.

According to the complaint filed by the mother consulted by Le Figaro, he would also have publicly announced that he would put the child "in blood".

Hit in the head like a balloon

This June 7, the young girl spent the end of her lunch break on a bench in the playground. According to the testimonies of the students and teachers present at the time of the events, she would have been attacked by students treating her like "balance" after an argument linked to a story about "package of candy". A group of five students then punched and kicked him, causing the victim to fall to the ground before hitting him again.

"Students who witnessed the scene reported that they hit his head as if it were a ball. One student even jumped on him with both feet, all in front of my eight-year-old son. He tried to defend his sister, whom he saw on the ground bleeding. My daughter was massacred", says the victim’s mother before adding : "J& rsquo;found my daughter in a state of shock and who kept saying 'Mom, they hit me on the head' and shaking and crying& ;quot;.

The little girl suffered severe head trauma with loss of consciousness and acute stress syndrome.

The student excluded for five days

"I filed a complaint against the five students, but not against the school, since it is still necessary to determine the responsibilities of each. But the facts remain downplayed: the teachers, who took several minutes to separate the students, explain that my daughter did not lose consciousness. When they relieved her, they did not call the firefighters and preferred to contact me directly", she laments, suspecting the management of &quot ;cover yourself" and "protect your interests". The student in question was only excluded for five days by the elementary school administration.

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