100 000 signatures in support By Morin

100 000 signatures en appui à Maripier Morin

A petition for rehabilitation By Morin has crossed the barrier of 100 000 signatures on the Internet. Published on Change.org a platform of online petitions, the document entitled Justice for By Morin asks that the media and the commercial partners of the host in the stop of “persist in an exaggerated way (on it) by destroying his career and his prospects for a professional future”.

“To err is human”, said one.

The team by Morin has published a message of thanks on Facebook for all those who have signed the petition. “This proof of love did not go unnoticed, with his family, his loved ones and his team. Although By is not currently available, rest assured that we will pass all your good words”, can we read.

The petition has reached 100 000 signatures in 6 days. It was created in response to the consequences arising out of allegations of Safia Nolin against the facilitator. The singer is accused of sexual harassment, physical assault, and having regard to the racist.

Since, By Morin has lost all her contracts and her nominations for the galas Artis and the Gemini. The programs in which she appeared to have also been removed from the platforms on which they were present.

The series The rift, however, has returned to the Club illico yesterday, a week after having left it.

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