100 million aid for Haiti: a waste of time and money

100 million aid for Haïti: a waste of time and money


Justin Trudeau wants to spend a hundred million dollars to help Haiti. As appalling as the situation in Haiti is, a painful conclusion must be drawn: Haiti will not be saved from the outside.

The money that will be poured into it will be largely diverted by the scoundrels who are at the head of Haiti. Sending in an international armed force would yield even worse results. After a certain appeasement, she would become, as usual, the scapegoat for all that goes wrong in Haiti. 

We must let the Haitians solve their own problems. When they have suffered enough and they have understood that they are mainly responsible for the evils that overwhelm them, they themselves will put in prison the scum who exploit them. But they haven't gotten to that point yet. 

It may even be too late to save the country. 

< strong>What are the arguments that excuse the problems in Haiti?

Too often, many Haitians repeat the same old tunes to excuse the ineptitude of their government. The French government asked the Haitians to pay a heavy debt. True, but this debt was completely erased in 1947. Haiti's new debt was canceled in 2010. Foreign companies encouraged corruption in Haiti. True, but it was up to the Haitian government to legislate against this scourge. US-linked drug and arms trafficking is exacerbating tensions in Haiti. Exact, but why do the Haitian police forces fail to fight against this trafficking? Could they be in league with the traffickers?

Why accuse Haitian leaders of mismanagement?

The strongest arguments against the calamitous management of Haitian leaders come from the comparison with the other half of the island, the half where the Dominican Republic thrives. The Dominican Republic suffers the same adverse circumstances as Haiti. However, this country is doing infinitely better off than Haiti. With a similar population, the Dominican Republic generates a GNP of US$18,600 per capita. The GNP per capita in Haiti is $2,900.

Where would Trudeau's promised money end up?

Justin Trudeau wants Canadian money to finance Haitian police forces as a priority to train them and better arm them. What will happen if the Haitian police are better armed? Mafia groups will buy even more powerful weapons. And who, other than Trudeau, is naive enough to believe that more training will eradicate the culture of general corruption that permeates the whole country, including law enforcement? 

What is the diagnosis on the situation in Haiti?

The sad reality is that the country is probably no longer salvageable. Haiti is a failed state. In addition to the deep decay of its institutions, Haiti will have to face in the decades to come the increasingly catastrophic effects of climate change. The country's natural resources are insufficient to cover the population growth. The level of education of the population is too low to transform the economy decisively. Haiti looks like a patient for whom medicine can do nothing. Trying to save it is political relentlessness.

What might happen to Haiti?

Haiti risks falling completely into the hands of mafia groups who will further use the screen of state institutions to carry out their trafficking and to impose their order. The population will become more destitute and the number of refugees will increase. This hell could go on forever.

100 million aid for Haïti : a waste of time and money