11-year-old boy dies of flesh-eating bacteria after spraining ankle

11-year-old boy dies of flesh-eating bacteria after s’’’ve sprained the ankle


An 11-year-old died of flesh-eating bacteria after spraining his ankle on a treadmill in Florida.  

Jesse Brown had injured himself while exercising on a treadmill. The next day, his leg was covered in purple and red bruises, his family told Fox 35. 

While he was quickly admitted to hospital, the youngster was diagnosed shortly time afterwards with group A streptococcus; the infection proved fatal when it attacked Jesse's brain.

“[Doctors” say he sprained his ankle, and the infection probably started there . Since it was already vulnerable,” his cousin Megan Brown told the news station. 

Little Jesse Brown was a miracle child: His parents couldn't conceive and had their son after more than 10 years of trying.

“This miracle was taken from us far too soon,” added his cousin, who set up a GoFundMe to help cover hospital and funeral expenses.  

Strep infections can be severe if the bacteria spreads outside of where it usually lives, reports People.