1+1+1: an old dream come true

1+1+1: an old dream come true


Discovered on MusiquePlus in the mid-1990s, Yanie Dupont-Hébert did not take the shortest route to achieve her goal of making films. After working a lot for television for 20 years, she finally realizes an old dream by shooting her first feature film, 1+1+1. 

“ I studied cinema, but life has offered me lots of beautiful things, confides the former host and reporter for MusiquePlus, met today on the set of 1+1 +1, in L'Île-Bizard. 

“I found myself doing TV, then documentaries. I even traveled the world. Then, a few years ago, I said to myself: “Is it cinema that you wanted to do, you? So I started again at the bottom of the ladder by shooting short films. Looking back, I think that's a good thing because I feel like I have something to say today. I have life experience that I didn't have at the time. » 

Freely adapted from the book Roman de l'été, by Grégory Lemay, 1+1+1 brings us into the intimacy of a reconstituted family who must learn to live together for a few days of vacation, in a chalet on the edge of the water.&nbsp ;

The film the director describes as “a dramedy” is centered around a trio composed of an author (Noémie Yelle), her 13-year-old daughter (Ireland Côté) and her new father-in-law (Victor Andres Trelles Turgeon).

< p>” It's a love story, but of many loves,” says Yanie Dupont-Hébert. There is love between this mother and her daughter, the love between the stepfather and his stepdaughter, but also self-love. The three characters must deal with something they are experiencing in order to become a family. 

A real gift< /p>

Yanie Dupont-Hébert entrusted the main role of her film to actress Noémie Yelle after meeting her at a party at a mutual friend's house. 

“ I saw her and I said to myself: “she is the character”. I didn't see any other possibility”, she recalls.

Fortunately, the main interested party fell in love with the character.

“It is a real gift that Yanie gave me by offering me this role, admits Noémie Yelle. Now it's up to me to live up to his expectations. I can't disappoint her. Fortunately, he is a character that I like a lot and who resembles me in several respects. She is a mother of a 13-year-old girl, and I have three children, two of whom are around that age. Sometimes I'm at home and I feel like I'm acting out scenes from the movie! I would say she is a very sensitive and passionate mother like me. 

The shooting of 1+1+1 continues for a few more weeks. The film should be released next year.