12 films to see at the cinema this summer

12 films à voir au cinéma cet été

After having been closed for more than three months because of the pandemic, movie theaters in Quebec have re-opened their doors yesterday with a maximum capacity of 50 spectators per room. In this summer’s atypical american productions will be more rare on our screens, the major hollywood studios have decided to push back to the fall of several of their large output. But moviegoers will be able to reshuffle on a good selection of international films, quebecers and canadians. Here are 12 to watch closely :

Suspect Number One (10 July)

First film quebecois to take the poster to the reopening of the rooms, this political thriller from filmmaker Daniel Roby (Louis Cyr, Funkytown) is based on the true story of the former addict quebec Alain Olivier, who has spent eight years in a prison in thailand because of an RCMP investigation that had gone wrong at the end of the 1980s. Antoine Olivier Pilon plays the main role of the film alongside the american actor Josh Hartnett who lends her traits to the journalist Victor Malarek, the Globe and Mail, which had lifted the veil on this miscarriage of justice.

The guest of honor (July 10)

Presented as the opening of the Festival du nouveau cinema in Montreal in October last year, this sixteenth feature film by the renowned canadian filmmaker Atom Egoyan (Ararat, beautiful tomorrow) focuses on the complex relationship between a music teacher and his father, an inspector of food in family restaurants. This suspenseful psychological starring the great british actor David Thewlis, known in particular for his roles in the films Harry Potter.

First Cow (10 July)

Applauded in several major international festivals, including Telluride and Berlin, this western adapted from a novel by Jonathan Raymond relates the adventures of a cook who joins a group of trappers during the gold rush in Oregon in the Nineteenth century. Directed by the american filmmaker Elly Reichardt (Wendy and Lucy, The last track), First Cow has had rave reviews in several american newspapers including the Los Angeles Times and the Washington Post.

The gallery of broken hearts (17 July)

Advertised as a ” feel good movie “, this romantic comedy from director canadian Natalie Krinsky relates the tribulations of a young New York-based 27-year-old who, after undergoing a sentence of love painful, decides to start a new art gallery dedicated to objects that have been abandoned in the wake of ruptures in love. The film brings together on screen the young stars Geraldine Viswanatha (parental Control) and Dacre Montgomery (Stranger Things).

Sainte-Maud (July 17)

Fans of horror cinema will also have a good reason to go back in cinemas this month thanks to the release of this psychological thriller from director british Pink Glass ” which was very well received at the Toronto Festival last September. Produced by the independent studio A24, which is behind some of the best horror films of the last few years (such as Midsommar and Hereditary), Sainte-Maud tells the story of Maud, a nurse, who moved in with Amanda, a dancer famous who lives cloistered in a big house because of a disease. Convinced that she is in direct contact with God, Maud will be on a mission to save the soul of Amanda.

Rabid (July 31)

One of the first hollywood action films to land on our screens this summer, this thriller portrays a mother who, when she is caught in the middle of a traffic jam, has the misfortune to honk the horn a man suffering from road rage. The latter, played by australian actor Russel Crow, will make him regret his gesture.

Flashwood (beginning of August)

One of the few quebec films to take to the shows this summer, this first feature-length film of the actor and director Jean-Carl Boucher (1991) brings to the screen several young actors of the time in which Pier-Luc Funk, Antoine Desrochers, Simon Pigeon, Maxime Desjardins-Tremblay, Karelle Tremblay and Rose-Marie Perreault. Flashwood follows the evolution of a band of young people from a suburb of Montreal for a period of seven years.

De Gaulle (7 August)

The actor Lambert Wilson slips into the skin of the General de Gaulle in this biographical drama that follows the journey of the famous hero of the French war who was elected president of the Republic in 1959. The film, directed by filmmaker Guillaume Le Bomin (Our Patriots) looks particularly at the life and fighting personal of de Gaulle during the Second world War, when he led the French resistance against the nazis.

Tenet (12 August)

Originally scheduled for 17 July, and then postponed on two occasions because of the recent upsurge of cases of COVID-19 in some american States, this new spy thriller from filmmaker Christopher Nolan (Inception, the ascent of The Black Knight) is one of the few hollywood blockbusters to appear again at the release calendar for summer. As is often the case with the films of Nolan, few details have been revealed about the plot of the Tenet, which stars such as Robert Pattinson and Aaron Taylor-Johnson. It should be noted that fans of Nolan will also be able to revisit on the big screen this summer in the movie Inception, which will have a new release in cinemas 31 July on the occasion of its 10th anniversary.

Mulan (21 August)

Chinese actress Liu Yifei slips into the skin of the warrior princess Mulan in this new version of the Disney classic that has been shot in shooting real. As a Tenet, the output of Mulan has already been postponed twice because of the crisis of the sars coronavirus.

Bill & Ted Face The Music (August 28)

More than 30 years after the release of the comedy cult – The excellent adventure of Bill and Ted, the actors Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter have returned to their now-famous characters of eternal teenagers for this new movie directed by Dean Parisot (Red 2). In this new storyline, Bill and Ted, now fathers of families, will receive the visit of a messenger of the future that asks them to compose a song to save the Earth.

A quiet corner – part 2 (4 September)

Two years after the release of his surprising thriller A quiet place (A Quiet Place), the actor and director John Krasiński returned to the charge with this sequel, which has always featured Emily Blunt in the role of a mother of a family who tries to survive the creatures that hunt humans by tracking their sounds.

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