12 Good and Cheap Picks at Dollarama

12 Good and Cheap Picks at Dollarama


In a context of inflation and a considerable increase in the cost of groceries, many Quebec households have turned to Dollarama to find products at low prices.&nbsp ;

It's no wonder that this retailer saw an 18.2% growth in sales in the last quarter. With the arrival of 63 new stores in the province, the offer is becoming accessible to more and more Quebecers. One advantage is that these good choices are between 20% and 50% cheaper than elsewhere. But, among the food products offered, which are the best choices from a nutritional point of view? 

Choice of products

Since this type of store is not devoted to food, the choice of foodstuffs is limited. The only aisle offering food is composed mainly of non-perishable products with a wide offer of chocolate treats and candies. Considering that the products have a long lifespan, the losses are minimal, which partly explains the affordable cost of the products. For this analysis, we identified 12 nutritious choices and then evaluated their price to find out if it was really more advantageous than buying the same product in a supermarket banner at a discount (Maxi). Note that the products are not listed in order of nutritional interest, they all refer to good choices.  

Grain products 

< p>Cheerios – Honey Nuts

Although they contain a little too much sugar, these breakfast cereals will please the whole family. They also provide dietary fiber.
These cereals are low in fat, provide 2 g of fiber per 29 g serving (nearly 8% of our daily needs). With 9 g of sugar per serving, they are among the compromised choices. We would of course prefer the plain version.  

Relative price 

  • Dollarama :$0.86/100g 
  • Discount Banner (Maxi): $1.00/100g 

Absolute Price < /p>

  • Dollarama: $2.50 per 292g size 
  • Discount banner (Maxi): $4.29 per 430 g size 

Mini-Wheats breakfast cereal – Original

Like the previous choice, they bring a little too much sugar, but these cereals are distinguished by the fact that they are made up of whole grains and, therefore, they become an excellent source of fiber (6 g per 55 g serving, i.e. 21% of our daily needs). In addition, the ingredient list of Mini-Wheats cereal is short compared to other commercial breakfast cereals.  

Relative price 

  • Dollarama:$0.75/100g 
  • Discount Banner (Maxi):$0.98/100g 

Absolute Price  

  • Dollarama: $3.00 per 400g size  
  • Discount Banner (Maxi):$4.99 per 510g size

Quaker Crispy Mini Rice Cakes – Plain

Only one ingredient is on the ingredient list for these Quaker patties: whole grain brown rice. The patties are low in calories, low in fat and low in sodium. For a more nutritious snack, simply accompany them with a source of protein (cheese, hummus, tofu).  

Relative price 

  • Dollarama:$1.77/100g 
  • < strong>Discount Banner (Maxi):$2.28/100g 

Absolute Price 

  • Dollarama:$2.25 per 127g size 
  • Discount Banner (Maxi): $1.79 per 127g size 

Gourmet Rice Crackers – Plain

These certified organic rice crackers are an ideal alternative for people with celiac disease since they are gluten-free. The ingredient list boils down to three ingredients, including organic rice, organic sunflower oil and sea salt. They are low in fat and low in sodium. 

< strong>Relative price 

  • Dollarama:$1.25/100g 
  • Discount Banner (Maxi): $1.81/100g 

Absolute price 

  • Dollarama:$1.25 per 100g size 
  • Discount Banner (Maxi): $1.99 per 110g format 

Nature Valley Chewy Bars Sweet and Salty – Peanuts< /strong>

These soft bars have a reasonable sugar intake (7 g per 35 g bar) while providing 4 g of protein and 2 g of fibre. We also like the fact that peanuts are at the top of the ingredient list.   

Relative price 

  • Dollarama:$1.19/100g 
  • Discount Banner (Maxi ):$1.90/100g 

Absolute price 

  • Dollarama: $2.50 per 210 g size 
  • Discount Banner (Maxi):$3.99 per 210 g size 

Gourmet White Quinoa

Yes, you saw correctly, there is now quinoa at Dollarama and we are delighted. We appreciate the fiber and protein content of quinoa and, gluten-free, it is suitable for people with celiac disease. Plus, it's an organic product that supports sustainable farming practices (a bonus for the planet). 

Relative price 

< ul>

  • Dollarama:$0.88/100g 
  • Banner at discount (Maxi): $1.12/100 g 
  • Absolute price 

    • Dollarama: $1.75 per 200g format 
    • Discount banner (Maxi): 8.99 per 800 g size 

    Fruits and vegetables 

    GoGo Squeez Fruit Compote – Apple & Banana

    This fruit compote is an ideal snack to incorporate into children's lunchboxes . The ingredient list boils down to three ingredients: apple, banana and lemon juice, we love it!  

    Relative price 

    • Dollarama:$0.76/100g 
    • Banner on sale (Maxi):$0.91/100g 

    Absolute price 

    • Dollarama:$2.75 per 360g size 
    • Discount Banner (Maxi):< /strong> $3.99 per 360 g size 

    Le Sieur canned green peas< /strong>

    Green peas are among Quebecers' favorite vegetables. Here too, the price is more economical. Each 125 ml (1/2 cup) serving is also a source of fibre. 

    Relative price 

    • Dollarama:$0.53/100ml 
    • Discount Banner (Maxi): $0.60/100ml 

    Absolute Price 

      < li dir="auto">Dollarama:$1.50 per 284 ml size 
    • Discount Banner (Maxi): $1.69 per 284 ml size 


    Mario's Canned Chicken

    Like canned tuna, this food is high in protein, low in fat saturated and has a moderate sodium intake. For a serving of 55 g (3/4 of the can), you get 12 g of protein and 210 mg of sodium (9% of your daily needs).  

    Price relative 

    • Dollarama:$1.18/100g 
    • Banner at discount (Maxi): $1.72/100 g 

    Absolute price 

    • Dollarama:$1.50 per 127g size 
    • Discount Banner (Maxi):$2.69 per 156g size 

    Pacific Pride canned tuna (in water)

    This canned tuna is a perfect source of protein for back-to-school lunches. A serving of 91 g provides 20 g of protein. Its sodium intake is moderate compared to other commercial tuna, especially when compared to canned seasoned tuna (with dried tomatoes, basil or dill and lemon, etc.). As it is preserved in water, its fat content is moderate. 

    Relative price 

    • Dollarama:$0.77/100g 
    • Banner at Discount (Max):$0.70/100g 

    Absolute Price 

    Dollarama:$1.00 per 130g size 

    Discount Banner (Maxi):$1.19 per 170g size


    < strong>Gourmet roasted and peeled chestnuts

    These roasted and peeled chestnuts are ideal as a snack since they provide fiber (3 g per 50 g serving) and carbohydrates (17 g). Only one ingredient: chestnuts.  

    Relative price 

    • Dollarama:< /strong>$1.25/100g 
    • Discount Banner (Maxi): 1, $29/100g 

    Absolute price 

    • Dollarama: $1.25 per 100g format 
    • Discount Banner (Maxi):$1.29 per 100g size 

    < /p>

    Harvest Snaps Puffed Green Peas

    These pea chips have already ranked in my best potato chip choices in a review published in the Journal. Each 50 g serving provides 7 g of fiber (nearly 25% of our daily needs) and only 135 mg of sodium (6% of the tolerable maximum intake). Besides, the ingredient list of this product is surprisingly short (only six ingredients) and includes fairly common foods such as green peas, canola oil, rice, salt and rosemary. &nbsp ;

    Relative price 

    • Dollarama:$2.65/100 g 
    • Discount Banner (Maxi):$3.23/100g 

    Absolute Price < /p>

    Dollarama: $2.50 per 94g size 

    Discount Banner (Maxi):< /strong>$3.00 per 93g size



    In the majority of cases, prices per 100 g or 100 ml portion were more advantageous at Dollarama, 18.5% less expensive on average than at a discount supermarket banner. In only two cases were the prices higher at Dollarama (by 7-10%). Note that we used Maxi in our analysis, but the prices are comparable in the other discount banners. 


    • No fresh food is offered at Dollarama, but it is still possible to make good food choices among non-perishable foods. 
    • Dollarama stands out from other grocery stores by offering competitive prices, but it should be taken into consideration that the formats are generally smaller than those found in supermarkets.
    • Reading the ingredient list and Nutrition Facts table is still the best way to spot the best choices.  

    ►Thanks to Yasmine Jemaa, nutrition intern, for her precious collaboration.