12 teraflops: Microsoft revealed the impressive power of the Xbox Series X

Xbox Series X will be more powerful than the current Xbox One is almost 8 times

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In anticipation of the new presentation, Microsoft is slowly stirs the appetites of fans of the Xbox next generation. The company began the year 2020 with an active demonstration of the capabilities of the Xbox Series X, but not all at once, but in small portions, to keep the suspense until the official announcement. Was first shown the design of a game console, and yesterday told the impressive capabilities of its hardware.

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In his message on the Xbox Wire blog Director of game sector at Microsoft Phil Spencer told some details about the Xbox Series X. Microsoft has already said that the Xbox Series X will be a significant leap of generations compared to the current Xbox One. But now Microsoft confirms it on the official words: the new game console will offer 12 teraflops GPU performance. If you compare the numbers, then Xbox Series X will be more powerful than the current most powerful console, Xbox One X twice, and eight times more powerful than the original Xbox One – at least in theory.

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Xbox Series X will use a specially designed processor based on the architecture AMD Zen 2 and Radeon RDNA 2. Microsoft also uses the SSD NVMe, which promises to speed up the loading time of games. It is expected to support 8K games with a frame rate of 120 FPS. Microsoft claims that collaborates with HDMI and TV manufacturers to include automatic low latency mode (ALLM) and variable refresh rate (VRR) as part of the HDMI standard 2.1. This should reduce the input lag and smooth out the visuals in games on the TVs.

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In addition, it reported support the function “quick resume” games. Microsoft has used this possibility on the Xbox One, but Xbox owners Series X will be able to resume a few games from a suspended state. This will be a great way to switch between games or exit the standby mode.

12 терафлопс: Microsoft раскрыла впечатляющую мощь Xbox Series X

Possible Xbox Series X

It is worth Recalling backward compatibility with games for the original Xbox, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. The manufacturer reports that in future games from their own studios, you can play on the Xbox One and Xbox Series X, such publications will have a special marking Smart Delivery. Third party developers will appear similar opportunity. Microsoft promises to talk more details in the coming months.

Yet Microsoft has set the pace. And from their main competitor in the face Sony yet little is heard about the PlayStation 5, which are known only to the official logo of the “PS5”.

Earlier, according to analysts, the PlayStation 5 won the battle of the consoles long before it began. We also talked about the technical features of the new Xbox, in particular the fact that he will be able to download games almost instantly.

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