120 curious anecdotes about the Quebec bridge

120 curieuses anecdotes sur le pont de Québec

The passionate and specialist of the Quebec bridge Michel, The Hebrew immerses readers in a series of anecdotes on the structure of ownership in a new book published recently.

Over the years, Michel The Hebrews has given over 2000 lectures on his favorite topic : the Quebec bridge. He has published for the first time, in 1986, a reference book on the issue, which has been rereleased since, and remains today the most comprehensive work on this bridge is an emblem for the region of Quebec.


With Curious stories of the Quebec bridge, was published in the North, it plunges into the events that have marked the life of this monument.

“There are a lot of new facts and unusual. I have incorporated a lot of photos and testimonies, ” says the author, that The Journal has met with him, in Saint-Romuald.

These new facts have been brought to the attention of Mr. The Hebrews at the discretion of the conference that it has data or research that he has carried out for decades.

The bridge in August 2019.


Of the descendants of workers who are échinés on the bridge, some of whom gave their lives, were contacted to share stories, images, artefacts or documents that they had preserved in their family archives.

As these flags that have accompanied the first man to walk on the bridge is completed and that Michel The Hebrews, found in a descendant of the worker in question.

Or this story of a murder committed by one of the workers, made aggressive by the huge amount of alcohol that he had to ingest to counteract the devastating effects of the compressed air that is injected into the casing where it was busy every day.

Or even these details of the ceremony presided over by the prime minister at the time, Maurice Duplessis, whose author had not found any traces of it in his previous searches… before you learn later that the event had been moved for political reasons.


For Michel, The Hebrew, this book is the opportunity to share with the public the interesting facts that have marked his research. He hopes to give the taste to people to learn more about what many consider a marvel of engineering.

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