“1,2,3… Géant”: a project marking for William Cyr

«1,2,3... Géant»: un projet marquant pour Guillaume Cyr

Early in his career, while he had barely tasted the world of tv, Guillaume Cyr received a “gift from heaven” when he was given the role of the friendly giant Jean-Jean, a character star of the show fantastic, “1,2,3… Géant”.

Years after you have left this universe a very original, the comedian kept a lasting memory. “It’s special to make a work like this, for the little ones, because when you are dating, you will receive in return a love as if you were the Beatles. For them, you are everything. It was very special, very cool.”

Now papa of Edmond, 5 years, and Vivianne, 8 month, he takes pleasure to see another generation appreciate the nearly 200 episodes over three seasons. “My boy the replay because I have all the DVD at home. He fell back in that universe a little bit more, when he was 3 years old and lately it to me again.”

Relive the experience

Even he acknowledges that it would be today “taking” of return on the set of a production for youth by combining work and family life, Guillaume Cyr would be delighted to reconnect with a world for children.

“It would be super nice “job” that I would offer and I would go to work with pleasure. Especially that time I think and I would like to revive this “trip” as a dad. When I played it, I had no child; it is sure that it would change anything. I have now a maturity of dad.”

“When I was doing “1, 2, 3… Géant”, I played the dad. I imagined what it must be, to be a parent. Now that I am, I have actually a small guys and a small girl, I would be curious to repeat the experience.”

The flowers at “Passe-Partout”

In addition to the pleasure he has yet to watch scenes of this production, the actor is very fond of the programming here are designed for young people, who “are of very good quality”.

However, for him, one of them stands out from the crowd. “I’m a very, very big “fan” of “Passe-Partout”, he says. The new episodes are extremely well done and my God it feels good an educational programme because it seems that there is a lot of entertainment offered to this age, but not a lot of education. The “Backugan”, and manga asian, where it spends half-an-hour to shout after, there are… but when “mat” arrived with a nice slow pace…”

It also recognizes the great talent of those who inhabit the many characters. “The actors, I find them amazing, mind-blowing. For the youth, it is necessary that you have already spoken to a child through the camera to know how difficult it is to be good in doing so. I find them to be extraordinary.”

  • “1,2,3… Géant” from Monday to Friday at 7: 30 p.m., on U.s. TV.
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