13 Reasons Why, The 100, Lucifer… : 20 series, which will end in 2020

13 Reasons Why, The 100, Lucifer... : 20 séries qui se terminent en 2020

13 Reasons Why, The 100, Lucifer… : 20 series, which will end in 2020

Get ready for the farewell heartbreaking ! Yes, in 2020, many series are going to disappear from our screens so much to prepare. 13 Reasons Why (after 4 seasons) to The 100 (after 7 seasons) or Lucifer (after 5 seasons), here are 20 sets which will be completed by the end of the year.

13 Reasons Why

After two seasons pretty well received by the public, 13 Reasons Why has not really been the unanimous vote for its season 3 online this summer on Netflix. Several aspects of the 13 episodes have angered the public, including Ani, the new character played by Grace Saif, who has been forced to leave Instagram, but also the intrigue around Bryce. Anyway, the sufferings of Clay and others will soon be completed : at the same time as the announcement of the release date of season 3, Netflix has announced that season 4 of the series will be the last.

The 100

Having lived many adventures (and not that positive), the hero of The 100 will finally be able to rest. Last August, the creator Jason Rothenberg has announced that the seventh season would mark the end of the series with Eliza Taylor and Bob Morley. The broadcast date has not yet been announced but it is expected to begin in the spring, probably in April, like in seasons 5 and 6. But the universe of the series is not going to disappear : the CW, which broadcasts the show the US is preparing a spin-off. It should be a prequel in which we discover the origins of the book of revelation that occurred 97 years before the beginnings of The 100.


A last small tower, and the devil goes away. Saved by Netflix for a season 4, online since may 8, 2019, Lucifer comes back soon for a fifth and final season. It will consist of 16 episodes divided into two parties, and promises to be musical, since two of the episodes with songs in preparation. But we will not complain to hear the voice of Tom Ellis.

How to Get Away with Murder

The students are the luckiest of the story (frankly, who happens to escape as long as the law ?) will also take their bow. Season 6 of How to Get Away with Murder will end the series and this isn’t a bad thing. The first part of the season, already broadcast in the United States, will certainly you taping them ! The result – and end – is scheduled from April 2.


First series of the DC universe of the CW, Arrow ends after 8 seasons. If the adventures of Oliver Queen come to an end, it leaves a sacred legacy : the Arrowverse with The Flash, Supergirl, Legends of Tomorrow, Batwoman and soon Stargirl and the spin-off on Lois and Clark. This is obviously not sufficient for the chain which has ordered another series derived from Arrow that will be 100% female.


Another series that ends after 8 seasons : Homeland. Now solo (bye Brody and Quinn), Carrie has experienced things, often unpleasant. She finished the season 7th in bad shape after having been held for months by the Russians. In his last season which begins February 9 on Showtime in the USA, she will be suspected of being a double agent. A nice nod to the first season and the character formerly played by Damian Lewis.

Criminal Minds

Presents to the antenna, since 2005, Criminal Minds is coming to an end. The season 15 has just started in the United States, and will consist of only 10 episodes. A way for the members of the BAU to make their goodbyes, albeit with some regrets : it was learned that Shemar Moore, playing Derek Morgan, will not return by the end of the series. Remains to be seen whether the series will have the right to a happy ending or tragic.

The Good Place

Available in France, US+24 on Netflix, the team of The Good Place will also make his farewells. Season 4, which has just resumed on the platform, thus marks the end of the adventures of Eleanor, Chidi, Ms., Jason, Michael and Janet. A decision by the creator, Michael Shur, who said that they do not want the series running in circles and bored the viewers. “We have been tempted to go beyond four seasons, because realize this show is a delight and an immense joy. But in the end, you do not want to get caught just because one feels comfortable, in a pleasant environment. It is for this reason that the fourth coming season will be our last.” he explained last June.


Yes, Empire was still current in the United States ! In 2015 at its launch, the musical series with Terrence Howard and Taraji P. Henson had cardstock, with 17.3 million viewers on average. Since then, the series is deep in the hearings (season 5 has been followed on average by 6.4 million viewers per episode) and comes to an end after 6 seasons. The announcement was made a few months after the scandal around Jussie Smollett, who has been ruled out of the series and is not expected to return by the end of the show.

Modern Family

An eleventh season and then goes… Series to critical acclaim (it has won five Emmy Awards and a Golden Globe), Modern Family will soon be on the antenna for ABC, which broadcasts since 2009. The children are not any more really, but there was always a lot of fun to follow the adventures of the characters. It is safe, they will be much missed.


15 seasons, already ! Series the oldest of the CW (it existed even before the merger between the WB and the UPN, that is to say), Supernatural ends within a few months. Despite its rich universe and two attempted spin-off, the series will not have a result, even without Dean and Sam Winchester. But don’t worry, Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki have not said their last word. The latter will be cast in the reboot of Walker, Texas Ranger, commissioned for the season 2020/2021 by the CW.


You do not understand everything in front of the Dark on Netflix ? This is normal. Yet, the series is going to (maybe) answer all of your questions in the third and final season of the series. Will we finally understand what happened ? If you are eager to know more, the creators of the series have unveiled info on the rest of the series.


Season 6 of Vikings has just started in the United States and it will be the last for the series. It was in January 2019 that the US press has revealed the information, after the end of the filming of the episodes. This sixth and final season will be aired in two parts, a history of lasting pleasure. But all is not lost : Netflix will release the spin-off series, called Valhalla, which is written and directed by Michael Hirst, who created the Vikings.

Fresh off the Boat

Unknown in France, where it is broadcast under the title Welcome to the Huang, Fresh Off the Boat, made his farewell after six seasons and must be completed by the month of February. At the renewal of the series, the main actress, Constance Wu, had to talk about it in criticizing the return of the series, explaining that she had had to abandon a project due to this renewal. The end of the series would, however, not related to this incident.

The Rain

In addition to Dark, another european series of Netflix comes to an end after three seasons : The Rain. This final season should consist of 10 new episodes, but no info has been unveiled for the time being, although the shooting is in progress. Hope this last season, reserve an end not too tragic to the characters.


Other series from Netflix that ends ? GLOW. Launched in 2017, the series with Alison Brie and Betty Gilpin will shortly return for a season 4 to 10 episodes. One can imagine that it should be available this summer but the platform has not revealed the exact date of exit.

Agents of SHIELD

You had forgotten about ? Us too, we admit. Yet, Agents of SHIELD is still airing ! Season 7, whose release date has not yet been unveiled, however, will be the last for the series of the Marvel universe. It is expected to land current 2020 and will consist of 13 episodes. So what can we expect ? “For fans, this will be a great reward, and it is very, very fun. When we did six seasons, and countless hours of television, it is quite complicated for the writers to think about what they can do, and they have been top. Season 7 is very, very fun” was entrusted to Chloe Bennet, who plays Skye.

Bojack Horseman

Bojack Horseman to say goodbye after 6 seasons. Part 2 of season 6 will be online on 31 January on Netflix. If we are to believe Aaron Paul, who doubles Todd, the decision to end the series would not of creators but of the platform. “We had a great time on Bojack. We can’t be more proud. We fell in love with these characters like everyone in the world but, unfortunately, Netflix felt that it was time to close the curtain and we are where we are. They gave us a roof during those six wonderful years. There’s nothing we can do” has posted the star of Breaking Bad on Twitter.

Will and Grace

After a first end in 2006, Will and Grace has made his return in 2017 on NBC. A return fee since the comedy has easily found its audience. But now, after three seasons, the players have again decided to hang up and the 11 season, currently airing in the USA, will be the last. An end that would not be related to a disagreement between the stars, although it is rumored that Debra Messing (Grace) and Megan Mullaly (Karen) can no longer bear.


Other series forgotten : the Blindspot. First programmed on TF1, it has disappeared from the radar. In the United States, the season 5 which will commence shortly will be the last, and the bad languages say that it is not too early.

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