14-year-old arrested for eight murders in Mexico

14-year-old boy arrested for eight murders in Mexico


A 14-year-old boy was arrested by Mexican authorities in connection with a shooting in the suburbs of Mexico City that left eight people dead last January.

According to the police, the man nicknamed “El Chapito” showed up with an adult friend, a man named “El Ñoño”, at the birthday party of a motorcycle acquaintance, and it is where the shooting started.

Three people died at the scene, while five others died of their injuries in hospital.

In all, these are seven people who suffered significant injuries during this event. The youngest of these victims was three years old.

According to the police, the incident was linked to drug trafficking activities. The precise motivations for the killing are not known at this time.

This has been a sadly widespread phenomenon for years in Mexico. Drug traffickers have a habit of having minors carry out the killings, in part because prison sentences are less severe for them.