140 million women in less

140 millions de femmes en moins

Yesterday, the Associated Press has made public the annual report of the United Nations Fund for the population. We learn that there is a deficit of 140 million women in the world.

Where are they ? Well, there is no mystery. In China and India in particular, it is known that mothers abort baby girls or that they are eliminated at birth or when the parents neglect to give them care in early life. Because in all these countries, where some archaic culture, or religious persists, the baby boys are preferred to girls.

In our country, the feminist militant radical are rather mobilised on social networks to defend the racialized self-proclaimed and transgender people and to denounce the white male, rapist potential and macho incurable.


However, one discovers that, far from diminishing, the abuse of girls continues in the indifference of our great democracies, including Canada. For example, 20 % of marriages are underage, and too often very young girls, with the consent of their families, and often against the will of the small.

In addition, this year, more than four million girls suffer genital mutilation. In the clear, they will be excised and/or infibulĂ©es cold, by women most of the time. They will remove the small and large lips and coudra leaving only a small opening that the husband will move swiftly later on to enlarge the size of his instrument ” mythical “.

Of course, child marriages are officially prohibited almost everywhere in the world. But every day, ” says the UN report, 33 000 children are married in the member countries of the UN, it should be noted, but enrolled in cultures and religions that justify and promote these barbaric practices. In other words, the countries of the UN who frequently decry the western countries, colonizers, and racists remain silent and, therefore, perpetuate these practices at home.

Gender equality is a luxury of the western countries. In China, India, the Middle East, Asia and Africa, women and girls are still likely to be discriminated against, abused, and exploited.


When we read in the un report that in our day, 650 million women and girls were married when they were children, and that 200 million of them are mutilated sexually, it is dizzy. And helplessness. Because in our societies, the current energies deployed by the activists in the radical appear shocking in the light of these figures.

That this is clear. We must lead without weakening the ongoing fight for gender equality, against racial discrimination and the exploitation of women. But it is intolerable to see the indifference to the distress of hundreds of millions of girls and women in these countries.

Our fights, ” local “, see-the, have little real influence on the crimes committed against women in so many countries with which we retain diplomatic ties in order to serve our economic interests.

In short, our lamentations and our rants are that of the stroke of the sword in the water. This includes, I confess, this chronic.

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