15-year-old daughter Masha Efrosinina told about the new hobby

Nan Khromaev helped her mother with Charity Weekend

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15-летняя дочь Маши Ефросининой рассказала о новом увлечении

Masha Efrosinina with her daughter Nana

This past weekend hosted a Charity Weekend, which was attended by Ukrainian stars: Nastya Kamensky, Dasha Astafieva, Alexander Pedan and many others. All funds raised and this year we are talking about the amount of 340 UAH 4 million will be used for the treatment of children with complex pathologies. The organizer of the charity event is TV presenter Masha Efrosinina.

This time its star mom Masha Efrosinina helped 15-year-old daughter – Nana Khromaev. Girl avoids cameras, but made an exception for the program “Sravi way” and told about the new hobby.

“Today I volunteer, help sell products Mashsh, my mother’s collection of home clothes,” says Nan.

15-летняя дочь Маши Ефросининой рассказала о новом увлечении

Masha Efrosinina with her husband and children

This year’s Charity Weekend fitness trainer Marina Brzeska sold candy, cookies and crackers, and a showman Oleksandr Pedan was engaged in area children. Sports training for adults conducted Dasha Astafieva.

Singer NK admits that it wanted to participate in a charity project to help children.

“Today this date I had circled in red, because I know that I want to participate and want to help children”, – said Nastya Kamensky.

The headliner of the event was Olga Polyakova, who herself offered Masha Efrosinina his candidacy.

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“She writes to me: why don’t you invite me, I want to join. I almost fainted, barely out of bed fell,” – says Masha Efrosinina.

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