15 years of solitude – Ukrainian musician admitted addiction

15 лет одиночества - украинский музыкант признался в пагубной зависимости

today, 14:24

Famous Ukrainian musician, leader of the band “Machete” Yaroslav in a Frank interview admitted that at one time abused drugs.

Yaroslav told me that he got hooked on illegal drugs about 15 years ago, but now it “clean” and don’t even think about it. Incredibly, under the action of the drugs he was even created a whole album. This became known thanks to an interview of a musician for one of the Ukrainian publications.

15 лет одиночества - украинский музыкант признался в пагубной зависимости

The leader of the group “Machete” Yaroslav Small, photo: Instagram

According to Yaroslav, salvation is something man can only his hands. No doctors, friends, and persuasion will not help a person cope with addiction. The musician calls the period in his life with drugs “lost time”.

“They were in my life, and I came across this very seriously. But at one point I realized that I don’t need. Here you need to know one thing, as long as the person does not understand that it is not necessary, no doctors, relatives, friends will not help, nothing will save you from this. In my life they’ve been gone for 15 years, and I confidently say that with them it was wasted time,” – said Yaroslav.

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