16 Aug: what a holiday today, what not to do and signs

Learn about the most important holidays and events of August 16 in history

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16 августа: какой сегодня праздник, что нельзя делать и приметы

Today is the day Anton Vetrovaya

Today, August 16, the 228th day of the year in the Gregorian calendar. Before the end of the year there are 137 days. Birthday – Anton (Anthony), Kuzma. International day of the ozone layer in the Dominican Republic celebrate the Day of rebirth of the Republic and in Paraguay, children’s Day, and in Mississippi (USA) – the Day Elvis Presley.

“Today,” they write, a birthday is celebrated by Ukrainians on 16 August 2019. In addition, we tell about the most interesting and important events that happened in history on this day, as well as about the main signs on August 16.

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Aug 15: what a holiday today

According to popular calendar today Isaac of Raspberry or Anton Petrovia. It was time to harvest raspberries and make winter harvesting of this aromatic berries. Also on 16 August, has matured hazelnuts.

It was believed that on this day you can ask the wind about what will be forthcoming winter. For this we had to go to the crossroads to catch the vortex and thrust into its center is a knife. Then the wind will answer your question.

Signs on August 16:

  • What Isaac is and October.
  • Strong wind at Anton – for the cold winter.
  • August 16, can not sweep, not to sweep away your happiness.

16 Aug: important and interesting events in Ukraine and the world

1788 – France declared bankrupt.

1804 – in the Bois de Boulogne, took place the first award of the Legion of honor.

1925 – on the screens out the first film Charlie Chaplin “the gold rush”.

1960 – founded the international Academy of Astronautics.

1962 – Ringo Starr became the drummer of the Beatles.

Who was born on August 16

1557 – Italian painter Agostino Karachi.

1832 – the German psychologist Wilhelm Wundt, by which psychology became a separate science.

1845 – the author of the method of color photography, the physicist Gabriel Lippmann.

1920 – American writer and poet Charles Bukowski.

1929 – American jazz pianist bill Evans.

1933 – head of the choir named Ropes Anatoly Avdievsky.

1934 – French actor Pierre Richard.

1954 – American film Director James Cameron, who managed to become one of the most successful Directors of our time.

1958 – pop diva Madonna.

1962 – the Ukrainian poet Yuri Izdryk.

1973 – author of the culinary program “Eat at home”, the Russian actress Yuliya Vysotskaya.

Earlier, we wrote about holidays and celebrations in August 2019 in Ukraine. In addition, the “Today” told when they Rescue in 2019: the exact dates for your favorite summer holidays.

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16 августа: какой сегодня праздник, что нельзя делать и приметы

16 августа: какой сегодня праздник, что нельзя делать и приметы

16 августа: какой сегодня праздник, что нельзя делать и приметы


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