16 masks as pretty as practices for all of your outings

16 masques aussi jolis que pratiques pour toutes vos sorties

With the wearing of the mask made it mandatory in public places closed, or partially covered, you’ll have a few copies of covers-faces reusable handy.

In search of the best mask? Here are 16 covered-faces that can be worn and washed repeatedly. Order today online and receive them directly to your door. What facilitate the shopping, right ?

1. Mask natural facial

Made of natural fabrics such as linen, cotton and jersey cotton, this mask contoured easily extends from the bridge of the nose up to the chin. Available in multiple colors.

Available online at 16,75$ on Etsy.

2. Face masks cotton – collection bees

Fall under the spell of this unique pattern of flowers and bees. Manufactured in Canada, this masks adapts well to the nose and to the chin so that it does not fog the glasses.

So you can buy directly on Etsy for$20.

3. Mask reusable pocket filter

This facial mask features a pocket in which to insert a filter. Machine washable, it can be worn and carried forward without worries. Size standard fits most adults.

Available on Etsy for 14,90$.

4. Mask 100% cotton, for kids and adults

Made of two layers of cotton and a pocket to insert a filter, this mask available in four sizes suitable for children (sizes very small and small recommended) and adults (sizes small to large).

Find them directly on Etsy,$14.99.

5. Facial mask for young children

This mask with pocket filter is manufactured in Canada with 100% cotton organic. Small crack to the nine different designs, all cuter than the other.

Order it on Etsy for$ 12.

6. Masks face, three layers

This mask made of cotton on the inside and the outside is lined with a fabric in flannel. Offered in several models and in different sizes for adults, it is washable and reusable.

Offered online at$ 10, on Etsy.

7. Fabric mask-reusable unisex

This mask unisex is manufactured in Vancouver with fabric, bamboo and cotton. Its inner pocket allows you to insert a filter. Sold to private individuals, these masks can also be delivered in large quantities in the enterprises.

Available on Etsy at$ 8.99.

8. Fabric mask kingdom

This mask cotton is manufactured in Montreal and is available in four summer colours. To tie behind the head for a proper fit, this mask is offered in one size.

Order online on Simons.ca for$15.

9. Fabric mask fragrant flowers

This mask jersey (blend of rayon and nylon) is lined with a fabric made of cotton and polyester. Manufactured in Canada, it is offered in two shades with flowers and offered in a single size.

Find-the online on Simons.ca for$15.

10. Fabric mask message printing

Here is a mask that says : fall under the spell of his messages typographiés. Offered in a single size, this mask is made of fabric of pure cotton, double thickness.

Available online at Simons.ca to$19.

11. Set of 5 masks fabric

Make your own supply of masks in a single purchase with this set of masks states, of various colours. Made of organic cotton and recycled polyester, these masks are signed Ethica.

So you can buy it online on Simons.ca for$60.

12. Mask Flora is lava

This mask is painted by Pockets & Son offers a floral pattern perfect for summer. Made in Quebec, it is assembled with a weave of polyester and a lining of cotton blended with polyester.

Available online at Simons.ca to$20.

13. Set of 5 masks anti-bacterial fabric

This set offers five identical masks made of pure cotton with antibacterial properties and a lining of pure cotton. Available in a single size, in black or navy.

Order online on Simons.ca for 50$.

14. Mask rising Sun

Choose the pattern you like the most among a wide selection of printed also nice fun. Designed with a filter system replaceable, the mask rising Sun offers a summery look thanks to its large coloured stripes.

Find it on Vistaprint for$ 25.

15. Mask Hearts for children

Young people will also enjoy to have spoiled for choice on the ground of their mask. The printed Hearts will allow them to express their personality while covering their faces.

Order on Vistaprint for 18$.

16. Lot of two masks-reusable

These masks made of a double layer of fabric 100% cotton fit well in the ears and under the chin. An inner sleeve allow you to insert a filter. They are available in pack of two face masks in assorted colors.

Available online from Frank And Oak for$24.

For even more choices of masks to buy online, visit the websites Etsy, Simons, Vistaprint , and Frank and Oak. Happy shopping !

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