1700 young people learn about sport

More than 1,700 sixth-graders are attending the second edition of the Sherbrooke Games on Wednesday and Thursday. “1, 2, 3, we move! “This is the slogan that appears in the five plateaus where this initiative of the sports division of the City of Sherbrooke is taking place, which aims to make young people aware of an active lifestyle. The activity allows them to explore three sports disciplines from a wide-ranging array, where they are accompanied by their classmates and their teacher.
C ome students are introduced for the first time to disciplines. The young Anthony Boissé confesses for example having never done karate before; it will be a new experience for him. His friends add that beyond “work leave”, it is the access to quality material that they particularly like on this day, The Sports Center of the University of Sherbrooke, where they spend the day, allows them to finish their long jump in a sandbox right in the gym while they only have mats made available to them at their school.

Daniel Quirion of the sports division of the City of Sherbrooke, who is in charge of the event, confirms that the participation has increased this year. The 2017 edition was very successful, which allowed other schools to take an interest in the project. Private schools and English classes were added to the lot.

Volunteers present

A great collaboration between several actors is necessary for the success of the Sherbrooke Games. Thirty volunteers lend a hand to the leaders for this event. “Once again this year it’s been here, we’re full and we have everything we need to offer great days to our sixth-graders,” says Quirion. The organization also asks teachers to facilitate sports sessions for their respective classes.

Among the five plateaus where the activities are offered, there is also the Exhibition Center, Bishop’s University, the Cégep de Sherbrooke and the Roland-Dussaut multifunctional center. One hour of hip-hop dance, archery, swimming, paddling, climbing, boxing, cheerleading and weightlifting are some of the 35 options on offer. Offered to the Commission scolaire de la Région-de-Sherbrooke, the Eastern Township School Board and private elementary schools, the activity allows the City to mark the National Day of Sport and Physical Activity, holds Thursday 3.

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