173 households homeless in Montreal

173 ménages sans logis à Montréal

In Montreal, at least 173 households are still without shelter as the wave moves from the 1st of July is behind us.

Among these, 35 are to be temporarily housed at the hotel until they found a more permanent solution, announced Wednesday, Mathieu Vachon, a spokesman for the Office municipal d’habitation de Montréal (OMHM).

This organization, which works to help people who have difficulty staying in the metropolis, could not provide us with the figures at the same date last year due to a computer problem.

However, it is clear that requests for assistance are on the rise: the OMHM this year, had received 469 calls from people who needed help to find an apartment for the 1st of July, compared to nearly 300 last year.

In 2018, this number was only 74. The OMHM has mentioned that the low vacancy rate of housing in Montreal (1.5 %) and the pandemic have played in the balance.

“With the COVID-19, tours of accommodation were prohibited. Several owners have made visits online. The poorest do not always have access to a network the internet, which can explain that they have missed opportunities [to find housing],” said Mr. Vachon.

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