2 meters distance that we forget

2 mètres de distance qu’on oublie

Meetings between friends to be less than 2 metres. Customers who graze other at the grocery store. Covers face, worn a little. Several observers note a decline in the respect for the rules of social distancing in the beginning of summer.

“Even people who work in the field sometimes forget that there needs to be 2 meters (m) [when they are friends]. I have colleagues who have found themselves all together in the same garden, ” says Dr. Caroline Quach.

And yet, the colleagues in question are not mr. and mrs. All-the-World, as Dr. Quach is infectious diseases physician at CHU Sainte-Justine.

In general, people keep a distance of 2 m from others in public places… when there’s enough space for it to be easy, were able to see several representatives of the Newspaper yesterday. But you don’t need to go very far to observe small pranks to the rules.

In a parking lot of the Quartier Dix30, a client came close to another up to a few centimetres in order to bypass a puddle of water.

Inside the store Renaissance at Verdun, it only took a few minutes to detect two customers pushing their shopping cart in the opposite direction of the arrows stuck to the ground.

And the two men surveyed the Promenades cathedrale have even insisted that the journalist their to shake hands.

Magical thinking

“Distraction, that’s what kills,” says Dr. Quach. But the real relaxation, it happens to be inside the houses and on the terraces, she noted.

2 mètres de distance qu’on oublie

Photo courtesy
Caroline Quach

“It really is between friends and relatives that there is a shift. With people you trust. You say “bah !” ”

“There is magical thinking. It’s a bit like sexually transmitted infections “, quips she.

“It is certain that it is worrying. I still, of the positive cases, just in my hospital, ” says Dr. Quach.

In the disorder ?

Before the confinement, the Quebec average in contact with 12 people per day to less than 2 m distance and without a cover face is worn, reveals a report from the national Institute of public health of Quebec (INSPQ) published yesterday.

At the height of the containment towards the end of April, this number had decreased to 4.5 contacts. Now that the déconfinement in full swing, where are we ?

This is the “great unknown” of the moment, ” said Benoît Mâsse, a professor at the School of public health, University of Montreal, who worked on the report. “We see a release, but we do not yet have data. “

“If I knew that we had gone to 8 contacts per day, I could say : “We’re in trouble.” “

In all cases, it will take several weeks for the impact to be felt, perhaps by the beginning of the month of August, he says.

– With Guillaume Cyr and Alex Proteau, QMI Agency

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