20 hectares acquired by Nîmes Métropole to develop activity in the airport area

20 hectares acquired by Nîmes Métropole to develop activity in the airport area

Une nouvelle acquisition pour le développement de l’activité économique sur la zone aéroportuaire. Midi Libre – Archive Mikaël Anisset

Le conseil communautaire de mercredi 26 juin a adopté le lancement de la démarche d’élargissement du périmètre aéroportuaire auprès de la DGAC (Direction générale de l’aviation civile).

The elected representatives of the community council of Nîmes Métropole adopted, this Wednesday, June 26, the approach of widening the airport perimeter with the DGAC (General Directorate of Civil Aviation ).

Twenty hectares, including twelve to fifteen usable, located to the south of the zone, in Saint-Gilles, not far from the Civil Security base, will thus allow the Agglo d’ increase the land supply in order to develop economic activity. A new step following the transfer of the State airport platform to Nîmes Métropole on February 29, which represents 250 ha in total.

Increasing demand for land

President of the Agglo, Franck Proust indicates that “this approach is being carried out in close consultation with the mayor of Saint-Gilles. It also aims to anticipate the ZAN (Zero Net Artificialization) and to be able to integrate into the PENE (National or European Scale Project) and the PER (Regional Scale Project)”. The president could have added that Nîmes Métropole must face a growing demand for land in the sector whether it comes from existing companies or those coming from outside.

20 hectares acquired by Nîmes Métropole to develop activity in the airport area

If, in the short term, the Agglo believes that it can meet the demands, the acquisition of the 20 ha will make it possible to respond easily, in a more future distant, to requests. In this AeroSouth sector, the community hopes to create synergies and thus facilitate the creation of an aero-industrial ecosystem "dynamic and competitive" .

Nîmes Métropole thus announces its desire to make the airport a strategic attraction for companies specializing in the maintenance, repair and overhaul of aircraft, manufacturing aeronautics and logistics.

L’Agglo is banking on the future creation of qualified jobs. The community has also programmed in its additional budget an investment of more than 5 M€ for the airport including 4 M€ for network separation.

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