20 series quebec landmark

20 séries québécoises marquantes

We make good tv in Quebec. A tv that looks like us. But a tv which, despite the means, dares and surprises. A tv, which happens to be distinguished by its quality, its craftsmanship, which shine, although it says little about, outside of our borders. In this week’s national holiday, here is a list of 20 series outstanding. Several others could be added, since here we love our tv.

The beautiful stories of the countries at the top (1956-1970)

This series, one of the first on our waves, saw the tv in black and white to take color. Nearly 500 episodes have been shot. Adapted from the novel by Claude-Henri Grignon, we followed the daily life of the inhabitants of Sainte-Adele at the end of the Nineteenth century. Seraphim and Donalda have integrated our popular culture.

What a family ! (1969-1974)

This series written by Janette Bertrand featured several members of her family, including her husband, Jean Lajeunesse, his children, Isabelle and Martin, and even his dog, Macarius ! Janette has always been avant-garde, putting here in light of the topics often difficult to discuss with family. This series was the first québécoise presented in France.

Never two without you (1977-1992)

Couple relationships and the family dynamics were at the heart of several sets of Guy Fournier. This is illustrated by his sense of humour in the management of the daily life of a bourgeois family and its gallery of colorful characters, whose girlfriend is a feminist. We found the children in The heirs Duval a few years later.

Chez Denise (1979-1982)

This comedy, borrowing the codes of the ” sitcom “, written by Denise Filiatrault, took place in a restaurant where the employees were victims of all kinds of ups and downs. Although a caricature of its genre, it is one of the first programs to have presented a character black and a gay man.

Le temps d’une paix (1980-1986)

Series of Pierre Gauvreau, who described the daily life of a woman of character, Rose-Anna, widow, who leads his land with aplomb in a Quebec between the two world wars where there is social inequality. Quickly, the public became attached to this character played by Nicole Leblanc.

The ladies of heart (1986-1989)

Lise Payette was already experiencing a lot of success with the quartet of women in their thirties of The good adventure. Here, with four women in their forties are at a turning point in their life, it goes even further, with topics that are often taboos, including spousal abuse and adultery.

Lance et compte (1986-2015)

This series of Réjean Tremblay, putting at the forefront our national sport, has revolutionized the way to turn using the codes of the cinema and coming out of the studios. For 10 seasons, we have followed the vicissitudes of the National, its players and its leaders.

Rooms in the city (1989-1996)

This series of Sylvie Payette remains a landmark for a whole generation. Many dreamed of having, like the characters, a room with Louise (Deschatelets), which housed students and understood in all their doubts. It has also been discovered Francis Reddy, Anne Dorval, Patricia Paquin, Gregory Charles and others.

The daughters of Caleb (1990-1991)

Marina Orsini and Roy Dupuis have given life to the successful novel of Arlette Cousture, who tells the life story of Emilia, a teacher from Saint-Tite to the turn of the Twentieth century, and his great love for’ovila, who spends a large part of the year working in the woods and with whom she has 10 children that she will only. In addition to the love story difficult, the series paints a picture of the hardness of the rural life of the time.

The little life (1993-1998)

One of the most popular shows of our tv, it hit a record high of 4 million ratings. Claude Miller was amused to create a working-class family, the Paré, in an environment of kitsch where the absurd situations are in the spotlight. Several notions of popular culture, including the famous steak-corn-potatoes, have derived from it.

A guy, a girl (1997-2003)

We can say that this series of sketches on the couple has toured the world since thirty countries have acquired the format was created by Guy A. Lepage. Thumbnails simple, well-written, just like us. A true success story !

The life, the life (2001-2002)

Stéphane Bourguignon has managed to create a legendary series in a few episodes only. We were witnesses of the vagaries of personal and professional five friends who approached thirty. His realism led by the concerns of the protagonists has deeply marked a whole generation.

Les Bougon (2004-2006)

The family Bougon, born of the creative worlds and whistle-blowers by François Avard and Jean-François Mercier, is committed to one thing : outsmarting the “crosseurs” and the system that does much than the rich. A proposal hosea, which remains significant.

Les invincibles (2005-2009)

François Létourneau and Jean-François Rivard have been able to impose their universe, both in writing as to the achievement, with this series that brought together four friends who, on the cusp of their thirties, decide to make the pact to break with their blondes. These adulescents will understand that happiness and freedom are not always where they think.

19-2 (2011-2015)

Claude Legault and Réal Bossé depicted by endorsing agents Chartier and Berrof, the daily life of police officers with all its duality, difficulty, cruelty, and vulnerability. A portrait is generally not treated as well, supported by the realization of Podz.

30 lives (2011-2016)

After the success of Virginia, Fabienne Larouche has reinvented the way they do in the television series, closer to the heavy duty series or a movie, but for a daily. This series focuses each season on the class of a professor of a school of a popular medium. We praised its realism and diversity of its casting.

Unit 9 (2012-2019)

Danielle Trottier introduced us in an environment that is little known, for which it is easy to have prejudices, that of a prison for women. We are instantly attached to inmates whose paths, without being flawless, hide a lot of distress.

Fine ailments (2014-2017)

Martin Matte invites us into ” his “house,” his “daily with” his ” family, while keeping us all accomplices of his thoughts. A series that was finely pushed some boundaries by focusing on the malaise to put the front of the findings difficult. Matt is currently working on the return of the series.

District 31 (since 2016)

Luc Dionne is a feat : to bring together on a daily basis 1.5 million viewers in front of the investigation team of the commander Chiasson. Rich characters, intrigue, breathless, it does not cease to be surprised of the many parallels with the current situation.

Me do you hear ? (since 2018)

This series has caught up with its authenticity. Created by Florence Longpré, it reflected the daily life of three women from a disadvantaged background and whose friendship helps them to pass over difficult events. The series figure on the catalog of Netflix.

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