20 years for his show: Normand Brathwaite does not want “Belle et bum” to stop

20 years for his show: Normand Brathwaite doesn't want «Belle et bum


Normand Brathwaite has been hosting Belle et bum for 20 years already and there is no question for him to consider a finality to this musical adventure. 

He repeats to anyone who wants to hear that he has “still gas” to continue to lead this Télé-Québec meeting for a long time.

For him, shining the spotlight on lesser-known artists and musicians, from here and elsewhere, is a privilege and a pleasure that is renewed week after week.

With more than 400 broadcasts of Beautiful and bum on the clock, Normand Brathwaite is eager to get back in the game for the 20th season, which will start on September 10, at 9 p.m.

“I want the 20th anniversary of Pretty and bumbe a great celebration, but not an end. I still have gas and I like it because I see someone who throws me to the ground on every show,” said Normand Brathwaite in an interview with the QMI Agency, revealing that the former “beauties” – Geneviève Borne, Claudine Prévost, Roxanne Saint-Gelais and Sophie Durocher – could come for a ride during the season.

He is proud of the show's longevity, because “it's rare that in variety , we last that long,” he whose career has spanned 45 years.

Grateful to be at the helm of Belle et bumwith the musician Mélissa Lavergne, Normand Brathwaite does not hesitate to share the honors with her and he also sends flowers to the musicians who, like Mélissa, “are the real stars” of the show shot at the National, in Montreal . He also tips his hat to the researchers.

“When people talk to me about Belle et bum, they say to me: “oh my god, you are introducing us to people that we never or less often see”. I tell them it's not me, it's our researchers.”

He reminds us that Belle et bumfeatured female musicians before most other shows. And the musicians, regardless of gender, are not hidden in the background. “People know the musicians and they are part of the show.”

Bringing artists forward

In addition to celebrating world music and African music, thus opening the horizons of viewers for two decades, Belle et bum has helped Quebecers to emerge.

“I often take the example of Hubert Lenoir. I think if it hadn't been for Belle et bum, we wouldn't have seen it so quickly everywhere. People in television are reluctant [to have new artists play], but we are fully in our mandate at Télé-Québec.”

Normand Brathwaite, who has touched a bit of everything in his career, has been doing variety and music for 36 years at Télé-Québec. We remember Handsome and Warm, among others.

On the boards

This summer, he returned to the boards, notably alongside Michel Ricard, in the play Sainte-Marie-la-Mauderne, adapted from the film La grande séduction by Ken Scott.

“It worked very well, I was happy and I had fun. Isabelle Miquelon told me: “at some point, you will be at home and you will just want to come and play here in the evening”. Then I went there! There, we're going on tour in March, and I can't wait, it's a completely different discipline.”