200 years since the birth of Panteleimon Kulish: what is most memorable is the author of “Black happy”

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200 лет со дня рождения Пантелеймона Кулиша: чем запомнился автор "Черной рады"

Panteleimon Kulish

Today, August 7, marks 200 years since the birth of the Ukrainian writer, the author of the novel “Chorna Rada” by Panteleimon Kulish. On this day, Google has released a Doodle, dedicated to the Ukrainian historian and writer Panteleimon Kulish .

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“Today” made a compilation than a writer, poet, playwright, historian, folklorist, linguist, translator Panteleimon Kulish was remembered in Ukrainian history.

200 лет со дня рождения Пантелеймона Кулиша: чем запомнился автор "Черной рады"

Panteleimon Kulish: a biography of the author of “Chorna Rada”

Panteleimon Kulish was born on this day, August 7, 1819 (according to the old calendar – July 26). He was born in the town of Voronezh, Chernigov province, in a noble family, with Cossack roots, and daughter of the Cossack Sotnik. He spent his childhood on the farm.

After school at the Church Kulish studied at the gymnasium. He could not enter the University of Kiev, because he could not prove his noble origins, however, lectures at the law faculty attended. This education gave him the opportunity to obtain a teaching position in Lutsk noble College.

In 1845 in the journal Contemporary Kulish published the initial chapters of his work “Chorna Rada”. Two years later, on the recommendation of the St. Petersburg Academy of Sciences, Kulish was assigned to the West region for the study of Slavic languages, history, culture and art.

In Warsaw, Kulish was arrested for membership in the Cyril-Methodius brotherhood. He was exiled to Tula, where he was reading world classics, studied European languages. Three years later he returned to St. Petersburg. In 1856-1857 he has published the two-volume edition Kulish “Notes on southern Rus”, which consists of folklore, historical and ethnographic essays. The writer considers this work his main creative achievement.

Roman Panteleimon Kulish “Chorna Rada”

In 1957, “Chorna Rada” was published in full. Interestingly, there are two versions of the novel – Ukrainian and Russian. Their story is identical, but they differ in many details and scenes. In the afterword to the English-language version Kulish wrote an article that became a landmark for Ukrainian literature. In it the writer manifests the right of the Ukrainian language in its own literature.

In the same year, Kulish prints the first Ukrainian ABC-book “Grammar” on pages 149, which formed the basis of modern Ukrainian orthography.

It should be noted that Panteleimon Kulish was the first who translated the Bible, some works of Shakespeare, Goethe, Byron, and other giants of world literature into Ukrainian. Became a biographer, a compiler and publisher of the most complete at the time of the collection of works and letters of Nikolai Gogol, whose work strongly influenced Kulish, in six volumes.

We will remind, on 23 July, Google gave tribute to the famous Soviet science fiction writers the Strugatsky brothers, dedicating a Doodle to the output of the first first book, “the country of crimson clouds”.

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