$2,000 fine for carrying McMuffins

2000 dollar fine for transporting McMuffins


A traveler arriving in Australia from Indonesia has been fined nearly US$2,000 after being caught with two McMuffins and a ham croissant in his backpack by security guards borders. 

Sniffer dog Zinta was quick to sniff out sandwiches being smuggled into Darwin airport in Australia, earning the traveler a hefty fine, say authorities said on Monday.

“This will be the most expensive McDonald's meal this passenger has ever had” in his life, Australia's Agriculture Minister Murray Watt said.

< p>Australia has very strict biosecurity legislation, intended to protect the country's important agricultural industry from possible pests or diseases.

Australian authorities are currently in a state of alert following an outbreak of foot-and-mouth disease in Indonesia, and all imports of meat from this country are under control.

This disease poses no risk to humans, but remains a serious and highly contagious viral disease for livestock.

D 2664 Australian dollars, the fine is equivalent to the cost of 567 McMuffins in Sydney, or several return flights to Bali.