2018 world Cup: coach-a dentist with the unpronounceable name has resigned

ЧМ-2018: тренер-стоматолог с труднопроизносимой фамилией подал в отставку

Head coach of Iceland hallgrímsson at the end of the 2018 world Cup, which the islanders, finishing in last place, not out of the group, left his post at his own request.

The coaching staff of the national team 51-year-old specialist with the unpronounceable name has worked since 2011. And until 2016, he combined coaching with patching up fillings and pulling teeth in a private dental office on a small Icelandic island with a population of 4,000 people (in the photo).

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As you know, paired with the Swedish specialist Lars Lagerbäck brought Hallgrimsson team 340-thousandth of Iceland to the sensational success of the quarter-finals of Euro 2016. And when the Swede ended a five-year contract, led the national team itself, winning her qualifying group for the 2018 world Cup, which is behind the Icelanders were the future Vice-world Champions Croatia and the team of Andrey Shevchenko.

lost their head coach.

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