2019 Atlas Weekend: the best of the third day of the festival

The headliner of the third day of the festival was the American group The Chainsmokers

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Atlas Weekend 2019: лучшее третьего дня фестиваля

How was the third day of the Weekend, Atlas 2019

Ukrainian music festival Weekend Atlas 2019 gaining momentum. Already on the main stage made the headliner of the first day of Sofia Rotaru, which was accused of using phonograms, as well as the most anticipated guests of the second day of the festival – Black Eyed Peas. How was the third day, Weekend Atlas, find out in our material.

The headliner of the third day of the music event was the American group The Chainsmokers. Bright and space, the musicians staged an incredible light show on stage. Fans called their performance “world-class show”.

At 22:00 the audience on the main stage warmed up Everlast is an American rap artist who in his music combines elements of rock, Blues and hip-hop.

In addition, the audience warmly greeted by British indie band the Vaccines, as well as Ukrainian indie-pop musicians KADNAY.

Earlier, we told you who will speak today – schedule 2019 Atlas Weekend of July 12.

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