2019 Cannes: stars ‘ outfits at the opening ceremony

Big dress and expensive jewelry – what surprised celebrities at Cannes

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Канны 2019: наряды звезд на церемонии открытия

Cannes film festival 2019

May 14 at the French Riviera kicked off the long-awaited 72nd opening ceremony of the Cannes film festival. On the red carpet gathered from all over the world actors, Directors and other celebrity guests. Note that participation in the festival is not for the poor, and the luxurious images of celebrities cost them a lot of “penny”.

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One of the first carpet arrived actress Eva Longria, Julianne Moore, Elle fanning, actor Javier Bardem and Charlotte Gainsbourg, and supermodel Isabelle Gular and other famous faces. Of course, the red carpet filled with beauty and stunning outfits of the stars which have so long been preparing for such an important event.

Actor Javier Bardem and Charlotte Gainsbourg to Yves Saint LaurentФото: AFPАктриса and writer Julianne Moore in a dress DiorФото: AFPЕва Longoria in dress Alberta FerrettiФото: AFPМодель Barbara Meier in a dress Zuhair MuradФото: AFPКитайская actress Gong Liphoto: AFPСелена Gomez and Tilda, Sinopoli: AFPМодель Isabelle Gular in a dress from the Italian brand EtroФото: AFPМодель Alessandra Ambrosio in a dress by Ralph & RussoФото: AFPМодель Romi Strayed dress EtroФото: AFPФранцузская actress Frederique Bel in a dress Yanina CoutureФото: AFPАктриса Elle fanning in GucciФото: AFPЯркий image actress Arai, Chargeit from Ralph & RussoФото: AFPХофит Golan dress João Rôlo CoutureФото: AFP1/13

Recall that the crew of “Today,” visited the fitting of the dress the star of the TV series “Melrose” and learned, for one of the guests sew the Ukrainian designers.

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