2019 graduation: the best cult TV shows about school and teenagers

On the nose the prom and we recall the shining series projects about school life

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Выпускной 2019: лучшие культовые сериалы о школе и подростках

“Beverly Hills 90210”

In Ukraine will soon be the wave of the prom dresses for which 11-klassnitsa can not find. This evening is special for the graduates, as they begin a new stage in life. We offer to remember the school years, childhood, first love, friendship in our list of movies about prom and school.

“Survival school” (“one tree Hill”)

A kind of teenage Saga, which lasted for 9 seasons. Yes, it was painfully gloss and majorette. However, the series has become an example for many attitudes (though American teenagers): the abundance of philosophical writings, a minor indie music, troubled love, rivalry. The project has wanted to close due to some differences, and almost sucking the finger every new episode. But the series was and still is popular.

In the Director’s chair: Gregory Prange, Paul Johansson, mark Schwan. But the main role of the handsome Lucas and Nathan was played by Chad Michael Murray, James Lafferty. Also in the series appeared, Hilary Burton, Bethany Joey Lenz, Sophia Bush, Paul Johansson, Moira Kelly, Craig Sheffer, Barry Corbin, Lee Norris. Not to say that after the project, many had acting career. But their characters will be remembered by many.

“Degrassi: the Next generation”

Canadian youth series about the lives of students at a school in Toronto, which launched in 2001. In the series, go up quite difficult on taboo subjects as teenage pregnancy, school harassment (bullying), drug use, domestic violence, racism, homosexuality, rape, and teen suicide. Knowledgeable teenagers, their parents and teachers. The name “the Next generation” was invented by Steven Ston, borrowed it from a series “Star trek: the Next generation”. It is worth noting that each episode of “Degrassi” has three storylines. The project has lasted for 12 seasons! Starring: Miriam McDonald, Nina Dobrev, known for the TV series “the vampire Diaries”, Drake, Shena Grimes, mark Donato and others.

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“Beverly Hills 90210”

The cult TV series that is 10 seasons narrated about the life of teenagers in Beverly hills. They have the same problems as everyone: first love, first sex, parting, misunderstanding of parents and friends, drugs, bad company. The series has become a real school generations. But the most successful are considered the first three. Further life history was not so vital, and then it turned into “sucking the finger”. Main cast: Jason Priestley, Luke Perry, Shannen Doherty, Jennie Garth, tori spelling, Ian Ziering and Brian Austin green.

Recall that in the 2019 recommended date for the prom scheduled for June 22. However, the official schedule graduation parties in Ukraine. Each school, teaching staff, graduates and parents decide when to hold the feast of the prom. For several years, become a tradition to hold the graduation after the students external evaluation.

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