2020: a disastrous year for Quebec hotels

2020: a disastrous year for Quebec hotels

The hotels of the province have seen all the colors in 2020. Due to the pandemic, the hotel industry will have to suffer financial losses of more than 400 million dollars.

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The Quebec City region has not been spared, while the streets are practically empty in the Capitale-Nationale.

“We have eight companies that have decided to close. We have 85% of our workforce that has been thanked, ”says the general manager of the Hotel Association of the Quebec City region, Marjolaine de Sa.

Alarming figures, caused by the absence of tourists, who normally come from outside Quebec.

“We are in the 25 to 30% occupancy rate for our establishments. It is very difficult, adds Ms. de Sa. There are not establishments that have made their fixed costs. Everyone has chipped away at the profits from years before. ”

Solidarity Quebecers

Despite everything, local tourists are there. This is what allows businesses in the region to hold out.

“We came to take the air with the children,” says a mother from Laval.

After 12 months of renovations, the Quebec Hilton hotel will reopen its doors in full containment.

“The pandemic will affect us. However, we are confident for the future. We are confident that people will come back. The first six months of the year are going to be difficult, ”explains Sales and Marketing Director Gina Cuglietta.

A return to normal in 2021?

The resumption of activities will not be easy in the coming months. According to several experts, companies will have to brake their brakes before returning to normal. We also expect that all tourists who come to Quebec in 2021 will be Canadians.

“Globally, tourism went back 30 years in 2020,” says Éric Bilodeau, communications director for the Office du tourisme de Québec. The stimulus will stretch. We are talking until 2023-2024 at the level of international flights. We are even talking about until 2025 for international cruises.

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