2024 energy check: the claims window for those “forgotten” in the campaign is now open

2024 energy check: the claims window for those “forgotten” in the campaign is now open

Le montant du chèque énergie est entre 48 euros et 277 euros. MAXPPP – Richard Villalon

More than a million eligible households did not receive their energy check this spring. From this Thursday, July 4, 2024, they must apply to benefit from it, online or by post.

Launched in 2018, this state aid allows 5.6 million low-income households to pay part of their energy bills. It is normally sent automatically, in April, in the mailboxes of beneficiaries. But this year, many of them were unable to receive it, due to an administrative bug.

The Ministry of the Economy, cited by Le Parisien announced that affected households can make a complaint on an online platform. nbsp;or by post from this Thursday, July 4. To do this, they will need to provide their tax number, their identity document, and an energy bill in the name of the applicant. They have until December 31 to do so.

A million requests

According to consumer associations which identified the problem last February, there were potentially a million requests. The administrative processing is therefore likely to be long.

The attribution of the check was until now based on the crossing of two documents: the last known income tax return and the housing tax. But since the latter was abolished in 2023 for main residences, the administration is no longer able to rely on a valid file to identify the beneficiaries of the energy check.

Mainly affected by this omission: young workers, households who experienced a drop in income between 2021 and 2022 or households who had a birth in 2022.

Between 48 euros and 277 euros

The amount of the energy check is between 48 euros and 277 euros. Households who apply online will receive it "within a maximum of one month", specifies the Ministry of the Economy. While those who do it by post will receive it approximately two months "after receipt of the complete application".

To check eligibility, a simulator has been set up by the government. The energy check can be used for one year to pay energy bills (electricity, gas, heat, wood or oil heating, LPG), and certain energy works.

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