2024 Legislative Elections: Cédric Delapierre (RN), candidate for the 8th district, wants to “give the constituency the same political color as the future Prime Minister”

2024 Legislative Elections: Cédric Delapierre (RN), candidate for the 8th district, wants to "give the constituency the same political color as the future Prime Minister"

Battu de peu en 2002, Cédric Delapierre est de nouveau candidat en 2024. MIDI LIBRE – PHILIPPE MALRIC

Battu aux dernières législatives en 2022, Cédric Delapierre (RN) repart au combat sur la 8e circonscription dessinée entre Frontignan et Montpellier.

Deux ans après les dernières législatives, c’est reparti pour un tour ?

Yes. We will remain on the same dynamic as during the European elections which saw a large number of voters support Jordan Bardella's list. His score was our best result both nationally and locally.

How to run this short campaign locally ?

You know, since the last legislative elections, I am still on the ground. To meet the inhabitants, to speak with them, to exchange ideas. I like contact with people, being in touch with them. I am really interested in all the residents of the constituency. I even regret that the days are not longer. There is a lot of waiting at the local level. From people who don't even have 700 euros; retirement or grandmothers who are housekeepers to survive.

What arguments do you make?

They are around security, the defense of employment, the increase in purchasing power, the reduction in electricity bills and VAT . We are here to obtain an absolute majority. On Sunday, voters will have two choices: either the Popular Front of Mélenchon, or our government of national unity led by Jordan Bardella.

With whom ?

With Eric Ciotti and his Republican friends.

Eric Ciotti spoke at one time of a total seal between LR and the RN before making this wall porous. What do you think about it, you who crossed it in 2021 ?

I have a look of hope. I've been waiting for 20 years for the RPR to join the RN (which was, at that time, the FN, Editor's note).

Locally, are there any issues in which you plan to get involved if you are elected ?

A deputy is made to pass laws and represent his voters. If I am elected, I will have open appointments in each municipality. It’s the locals who bring your vision and then you have to bring it to Paris. Moreover, if I am elected I will meet the future Prime Minister very quickly so that we can talk about the constituency's issues. I will do the same with the prefect and all the mayors. I want to be a deputy who is available to residents, serious, who works on his files. For example, applauding the Palestinian flag in the National Assembly is not being a deputy.
It is vital for our constituency that it is part of the national majority. I want to give him the same political color as the future Prime Minister.

In 2022, you lost by 458 votes, the vote of Montpellier residents had tipped the scales against you. Is this a sector that you are particularly targeting in this campaign ?

I am present everywhere in the constituency. I'm here for the residents. They have seen me everywhere since 2022, they will continue to see me even if I am elected.

Cédric Delapierre is 48 years old. Father of one child. He is former secretary general of Les Républicains Occitanie. Currently he is a member of the opposition to the Region and the City of Sète and was parliamentary attaché to Stéphanie Galzy (RN) I subscribe to read more

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