2024 Legislative Elections: Ciotti, Bardella, the dissolution that could plunge France “into chaos”… Nicolas Sarkozy breaks his silence

2024 Legislative Elections: Ciotti, Bardella, the dissolution that could plunge France "into chaos"... Nicolas Sarkozy breaks his silence

Nicolas Sarkozy ici en novembre 2023.

The former President of the Republic speaks this Sunday, June 16, in the columns of the JDD. What to remember from this interview.

Nicolas Sarkozy criticizes Eric Ciotti's decision to join the National Rally – because it carries the risk, in his eyes, that the contested boss of LR becomes "an "supplementary" of the RN –, and considers that Jordan Bardella lacks experience to be Prime Minister.

Eric Ciotti

Eric Ciotti, whose exclusion from the presidency of the Republicans was invalidated by the courts,"should have submitted to the governing bodies of his party his conviction of the need for an alliance with the RN and proposed to members to decide by electronic vote within a short time", estimates the former President of the Republic in the JDD.

"The question would then have been resolved calmly and incontestably. There would not have been a denial of democracy", adds the former boss of the right.

The LR-RN alliance

Basically, Nicolas Sarkozy judges this LR-RN alliance "all the more inopportune when the Republican right is so weak because it’ then acts as an absorption". "Being the deputy of the RN is not an ambition but an acknowledgment of renunciation", he summarizes.

"Allying with the National Rally today involves putting yourself in the shoes of a 28-year-old young man who, if he succeeds, he will not leave you room, and if he fails, he will take you with him", he insists.

Jordan Bardella "n’never been in a position to handle anything" and < em>"is less than 30 years old", notes the former head of state. "Can you drive France when you are so young and inexperienced ? Every French person must consider this reality."

The dissolution

The former president also criticizes the dissolution decided by Emmanuel Macron, "a major risk for the country as well as for the president".

"For the country, already fractured, because this could plunge it into chaos from which it will have the greatest difficulty emerging. And for the president, who had three years left in his mandate, and I would have preferred that he used them to accomplish what the French want", a- he elaborated.

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