2024 Legislative Elections: “Ciotti blew up a dam!”, rejoices Nicolas Meizonnet, RN candidate for the 2nd constituency of Gard

2024 Legislative Elections: "Ciotti blew up a dam!", rejoices Nicolas Meizonnet, RN candidate for the 2nd constituency of Gard

Nicolas Meizonnet, outgoing MP and candidate for re-election. Midi Libre – MiKAEL ANISSET

According to the latter, LR executives from Gard "think that Ciotti was right" to join the RN.

You are an outgoing MP. How did you experience this last short term ?

This mandate was more interesting than the previous one. The balances were more consistent, more representative. Before, there were seven RN deputies in the assembly, compared to 88 today. it was an opportunity to show what our group could give in terms of seriousness and credibility.

The dissolution was requested by Jordan Bardella. Did you expect the President to grant this request ?

I was not counting on Emmanuel Macron to make this decision. He began by brushing aside this proposal… He finally understood that there was a major political crisis and that it was necessary to reshuffle the cards.&nbsp ;

A priori, you are favorite for 2nd. However, the left leaves united. This worries you ?

Honestly, for me, behind the marketing name Nouveau Front populaire, it is Nupes 2 that is hidden behind it! There are people on the left who will not vote for the left-wing candidate, because there is an alliance with LFI. I do not believe that the voters of the 2nd constituency of Gard could be tempted by this vote.  

This riding is very agricultural. You voted in the assembly against the orientation bill for food sovereignty. Why, when there are quite a few measures in it that had been requested by farmers ?

We were sold a major law that would save French agriculture. After extraordinary demonstrations, we were given a law made up of measures which more easily regulates the pruning of hedges and which does not at all respond to the major challenges of French agriculture today. And in particular for Gard and French agriculture. There is maddening unfair competition, there is normative inflation, ever more drastic phyto regulations and nothing in this law responds to these issues.

Could you be a minister if the RN wins ?

I don't have that pretension at all. I have no other ambition than to be where they want me to be. Now, if tomorrow Jordan Bardella Prime Minister entrusts me with another mission, it is quite likely that I will accept it. But that’s not on the agenda.

Eric Ciotti's rallying to the RN was strongly criticized by Les Républicains, particularly in Gard…

Republican executives from Gard who did not follow Ciotti told me "Ciotti is absolutely right". They didn't follow because the pressure was too great. But Ciotti blew up a dike, it's saving.  

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