2024 legislative elections: everything you need to know about what this election will cost the towns of Bagnols, Laudun-l’Ardoise and Saint-Nazaire

2024 legislative elections: everything you need to know about what this election will cost the towns of Bagnols, Laudun-l’Ardoise and Saint-Nazaire

Jérôme Talon, directeur général des services, et son adjointe Nathalie Bayle.

The page of the European elections has barely been turned, and it is once again the battle stations for the town halls of the territory which must take up a logistical challenge and mobilize human resources. Example in Bagnols-sur-Cèze, Laudun-l’Ardoise and Saint-Nazaire.

What does the material organization of a legislative election involve ? "Like all elections, there are 12 polling stations" replies the general director of services at the town hall of Bagnols-sur-Cèze Jérôme Talon. The ballot boxes and voting booths are spread across four locations including the Jean-Mermoz sports halls at Le Bosquet, Saint-Exupéry avenue Le Bordelet, the multicultural room and the town hall which houses the centralizing office. Before, polling stations were scattered throughout schools. "In terms of logistics, it’s catastrophic. The polling stations had to be set up from Friday evening as soon as school was over. On Monday morning, everything had to be moved. So the agents worked on Sunday evening to put everything back in order. This is no longer the case", underlines the DGS. "The first time we did that, the voters complained a little. Today this is no longer the case. People are used to it."

Voter card

It often happens that the voter does not have their voter card. But he has his ID card. He can nevertheless fulfill his civic duty from the moment he is registered on the electoral list. with his voter card" warns Jérôme Talon. In each location, there is a reception with agents who are there to provide information to people. Each voter must remember the number of the office where they vote.


"The most searched word on the Google search engine just after President Macron pronounced the word "dissolution", is "power of attorney" quot;, indicates the general director of services. "That means there are a lot of people going on vacation." All the elected officials of the municipal majority are&nbsp ;mobilized pour on Sunday June 30, 2024, day of the 1st round of the legislative election. They are president of the office voting and assessors. On that date, things were going well, the agents had not yet left." The issue in terms of human resources is also Sunday, July 7."Some civil servants, when they can, agree to postpone their vacation if they had decided to leave. There are plenty of people who have made reservations or have family. We are juggling so that we do not have a shortage of human resources in the offices."

Sixty agents are mobilized for voting day. Twelve people from technical services will set up the polling stations and put up the electoral signs. There will be around ten in each of the 12 display sites.

Halle des sports Jean-Mermoz at Le Bosquet: 4 polling stations, n° 12, n° 11, n° 10, n&deg ; 09
Saint-Exupéry Sports Hall: 4 polling stations n°08, n°07, n°06, n°06 ; 05
Multicultural room: 3 polling stations n°04, n°03, n°02
Town hall: 1 polling station (offices centralizing all results), no. 01
Polling stations will be set up before June 30 and will remain there all week until Sunday July 7.   I subscribe to read more

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