2024 legislative elections in Gard: follow the electoral day of the second round live

2024 legislative elections in Gard: follow the electoral day of the second round live

Les dépouillements débuteront à partir de 18 heures. Midi Libre – MiKAEL ANISSET

Ce dimanche 7 juillet, 561 836 électeurs gardois sont appelés aux urnes. 


717 bureaux sont ouverts dans le Gard, 561 836 électeurs inscrits

Participation was very strong in the first round. It stood at 68.63%, or 21 points more than in 2022.

Of the six constituencies of Gard, only Nicolas Meizonnet (RN, 2nd district) was re-elected in the 1st round.

The National Rally is in the lead in all other constituencies. However, the withdrawals of the candidates who came 3rd reshuffle the cards in this second round.


Did you know ? When was the creation of the 6th constituency of Gard ?

The Gard department has gained a constituency, the sixth, which covers the first four cantons of Nîmes but also the communes of Uzège. It was Secretary of State Alain Marleix, under the presidency of Nicolas Sarkozy, who worked on this redistribution. The constituency was created by ordinance on July 29, 2009 after the proposal was submitted to the Council of State and a special commission. The first deputy of this “circo 6” was the ecologist Christophe Cavard who, on the evening of his victory on June 17, 2012, at the Olive café in Nîmes, as a symbol, wore a tie for the first time!


Recall of the results of the first round

During the first round of Sunday June 30, only one deputy was elected or rather re-elected since it was Nicolas Meizonnet (RN) in the second constituency of Gard (52.2% of the votes cast). 1st constituency: Yoann Gillet (RN) with 43.91% and Charles Menard (LFI-NFP) with 29.54% qualified; 3rd constituency: Pascale Bordes (RN) with 47.48% and Sabine Oromi (PCF-NFP) with 22.91% qualified; 4th constituency: Pierre Meurin (RN) with 48.89% and Arnaud Bord (PS-NFP) with 27.38% qualified; 5th constituency: Alexandre Allegret-Pilot (LR-RN) with 41.01% and Michel Sala (LFI-NFP) with 33.03% qualified; 6th constituency of Gard: Sylvie Josserand (RN) with 42.07% and Nicolas Cadène (ecologist, NFP) with 28.77% qualified.


Polling stations are open

The Gard polling stations are open from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.

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