2024 legislative elections: in Lozère, the outgoing deputy comes 3rd, behind Sophie Pantel (NFP) in the lead then Luc-Étienne Gousseau (RN), second

2024 legislative elections: in Lozère, the outgoing deputy comes 3rd, behind Sophie Pantel (NFP) in the lead then Luc-Étienne Gousseau (RN), second

Le binôme Serge Gayssot et Sophie Pantel scrute les tendances en attendant le résultat définitif. Midi Libre – Michael Esdourrubailh

Participation in the first round of the legislative elections, this Sunday June 30, 2024, stands at 72.74% in Lozère. Sophie Pantel, Luc-Étienne Gousseau and Morel-À-L’Huissier are qualified for a triangular, Sunday July 7.

Lozeriens generally vote more than the national average. This Sunday, June 30, 2024, the first participation figures, throughout the day, confirmed a large mobilization of voters in the department: 31.60% (compared to 22.20% in 2022) at 11 a.m.; 64.90% (44.71% in 2022), finally settling at 72.74% (compared to 58.37% in 2022). A record participation therefore followed a record campaign, also due to its short duration.

So we felt that something was happening. For whom, or against whom, had these people moved?? We suspected that it was not to save the deputy in place. So, for the National Rally, or against it ?

Morel distanced

At 8 p.m., the first trend placed Luc-Étienne Gousseau (RN) in the lead. A very, very short lead ahead of Sophie Pantel (New Popular Front). Pierre Morel-À-L’Huissier was beaten in La Canourgue, the traditional stronghold of Jacques Blanc, his mentor, his supporter. He was also beaten in Peyre-en-Aubrac, in Saint-Chély-d’Apcher… He was also beaten in Fournels, a village where he was mayor for sixteen years (Gousseau got 90 votes, Morel 78, Pantel 37). Sophie Pantel was in the lead in the Cévennes, traditionally on the left, in Florac-Trois-Rivières for example, where she recorded 616 votes, against 222 for Luc-Étienne Gousseau and 142 for Pierre Morel.

RN and NFP neck and neck

It was also rumored that the candidate of the United Left had not said her last word. Mende was given the win, and that could put her in the lead. That’s what happened. At the final count, with 35.18% of the votes, Sophie Pantel (NFP) is in the lead in this first round. In second place comes Luc-Étienne Gousseau, for whom it is the first participation in an election, with 33.91%. Pierre Morel-À-L’Huissier is third with 24.04 %. All three are qualified for the second round. Followed by Michel Guiral (Resistons, 6.04%), Annie Souchon (Lutte Ouvrière, 0.65%) and Dja Zidoun (without label, 0.18%).

The National Rally confirms the spectacular growth anticipated in the European elections. In the 2022 legislative elections in Lozère, he won 10.90% of the vote. To those who "reassured" by estimating that the people of Lozère, in the legislative elections, would vote for a person and not for a label, this first round serves as a reminder that Lozère is not a land cut off from the rest of the country.

The reactions of the candidates

Sophie Pantel (New Popular Front): "I want to thank the Lozériens who put me at the head of this first round. I am frightened by the result of the RN when Luc-Étienne Gousseau did not go to meet the Lozériens. He does not know the territory's files. I hope, for the second round, to be able to debate with him, project against project. I call on all those who love the republic to mobilize. I am the candidate of the Republican front and no vote must be missing. Concerning the mobilization, I am happy to see that the voters have taken responsibility."

Serge Gayssot (New Popular Front): "We are in a difficult moment. The campaign was tough, urgent, but we are satisfied with the result. We appeal to the Republicans who want to come together to prevent the extreme right from coming to power."

Luc-Étienne Gousseau (RN): "It’s not really a surprise, we are riding the results by Jordan Bardella at the Europeans. The third thief, Gousseau, unknown, manages to gain the confidence of voters locally. But ultimately, it feels good, it brings fresh air, citizens are worried and suffering. Jordan Bardella's program most closely meets the expectations of the French. The right makes almost 60%! »

Pierre morel-à-l’huissier (DVD): "I am not disappointed. 24.04% is not bad for an outgoing MP. There is an RN movement on someone who is not known."

Michel Guiral (RES): "We are progressing (6.04% with 2627 votes) compared to the 2022 legislative elections (6 .01% with 2042 votes). We see that the results of the RN are very important. We are considering and will make our position known in the coming days."

Annie Souchon (LO): "I am not calling for anyone to vote. However, I would understand if my voters who, through my candidacy, opposed the RN, voted for the New Popular Front."

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