2024 Legislative Elections: Jordan Bardella Admits “Mistakes” in the Relative Failure of the RN

2024 Legislative Elections: Jordan Bardella Admits “Mistakes” in the Relative Failure of the RN

Le président du Rassemblement national a esquissé un début de mea culpa. MAXPPP – CHRISTOPHE PETIT TESSON

Le RN a mobilisé dix millions d’électeurs dimanche et continue son enracinement, malgré des investitures contestées et des ambiguïtés sur la question de la binationalité.

Despite the almost doubling of its number of deputies in the National Assembly (143 against 88), the National Rally had a hangover on Monday morning.

The day after the second round of the legislative elections where their hopes of a majority, if not absolute, at least relative, evaporated, and that of seeing their president, Jordan Bardella, don the clothes of Prime minister.

But very quickly, the sole posture of attacking the alliances between the New Popular Front and the presidential party, forgetting the strong mobilization of the Republican front, gave way to the beginnings of mea culpa. Bardella took the lead in partly taking responsibility for this relative failure: "Victory is deferred. We made mistakes, I also have my share of responsibility and I assume , he declared upon arriving at the party headquarters for an executive office at the summit, Monday afternoon.

The question of rejected candidates

Before specifying the basis of his thoughts: the investitures "of a certain number of candidates that we had to rule out", thwarted the “Matignon plan” and the continuation of the operation to revamp the party's image tainted by xenophobic and racist profiles.

"Yes, it ruined our end of the campaign", admits Aurélien Lopez-Liguori, re-elected in the first round in the 8th constituency of Hérault and who will make his return to the Assembly, with the 143 RN deputies, Wednesday.

Following the line of Jordan Bardella, Héraultais maintains that it was only a handful of " black sheep", instead taking on "a media machine with Fake news against us."< /em>

"Communication strategy"

Same positioning for Julien Sanchez, mayor of Baucaire (Gard), vice-president of the RN, who participated in the executive office. He prefers to congratulate himself on the progress of his party in general and in Occitania in particular, of a republican front "which is working less and less", than to mention what he calls "casting errors. It's a minority, it happens when we only have one week to invest 577 candidates."

Safia Dahani, doctor of political science and specialist in the extreme right, nevertheless recalls that "as early as 2 014 in the municipal elections, candidates were problem in the FN at the time. I don't think it's casting errors at the RN, it's an extreme right party, that's not surprising. It’is a strategy of demonization which is in fact a communication strategy."

The idea of ​​banning certain high-ranking positions from dual nationals, first put forward by the RN before a clumsy backpedal, also greatly worried many voters. It still fuels a debate within the party.

Voices are being raised that it should no longer appear on the program. Questioned, Julien Sanchez is currently in touch.

Spokespeople contradict each other on binationality

But again, for researcher Safia Dahani, this sequence of confusion about binationality should not overshadow the facts : "the spokespersons of the RN contradicted themselves on the sets, but a few months earlier, in the Assembly, their teams tabled a bill which takes up the ideological heart of the FN since its creation&nbsp ;: this idea that when one does not only have French nationality, one is not worthy of holding a job in the public service.

Perhaps they are working to distance themselves from signs that bring them too close to the extreme right.

However, the victory in seats of the New Popular Front (NFP) should not make us forget the massive turnout of RN voters to the polls on Sunday. , More than 10.1 million people gave them their vote, above its rivals even if the figures must be put into perspective in the light of withdrawals in 200 constituencies.

"It’is the third force represented in the National Assembly, there is an increase in the number of deputies and the RN has made a alliance with part of the LR. Its structuring is important, it’s a success", deciphers the specialist of the extreme right.

"Significant public finances"

Also specifying that this new parliamentary weight will bring the RN millions of euros: "there is funding by number of votes, nine million in the first round, then by number of deputies, there will be this public funding and it is far from being negligible."

Finally, the party will also have influence in the various institutions, particularly European ones. Jordan Bardella indicated on Sunday evening that the RN and its 30 MEPs are allying themselves with the Patriots for Europe, the parliamentary group created by Viktor Orban, the Hungarian Prime Minister, who also prides himself on the alliance with FPÖ, the Austrian extreme right or even the Populist League of Matteo Salvini in Italy.

Positions in the National Assembly ?

What positions could RN deputies aspire to within the National Assembly? The pre ;president or president of the Palais Bourbon, fourth person of state, remains a key position in the world. and must be elected on July 18 at the opening of the new legislature. To obtain the perch, you must rally the majority. absolute during the first two rounds or the majority relating to the 3rd round.

With 143 deputies, a priori, difficult for the RN to obtain it. On the other hand, for the six vice-presidents, the three quaestors and the twelve secretaries, the question will arise. In 2022, the party had obtained two vice-presidencies, which had caused a controversy.

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