21 dead when a bus plunges into a lake in China: a deliberate act of the driver

21 morts quand un bus plonge dans un lac en Chine: acte délibéré du chauffeur

The driver of the bus that ended his race in a lake, killing 21 people in China last week, has acted deliberately, furious at the demolition of his housing, has announced the local police.

The drama took place on 7 July in Anshun, in the poorest province of Guizhou. Of high school students passing the baccalaureate were on board.

On surveillance footage released by authorities, the vehicle suddenly changes direction and crosses the direction of flow opposite to go over a safety barrier and plunging into a lake, situated below a small slope.

The investigation revealed that the driver of the bus, a certain Mr. Zhang, 52 years old, was “unhappy with his life” and annoyed by the discovery the same day of the drama of “the demolition (announced) of the dwelling he was renting,” said Sunday the police of Anshun in a press release published on the social networks.

The driver had been drinking alcohol during his service.

The news was first reported Friday by the business magazine Caixin, before being blocked online.

The expropriation of land and demolition expeditious for housing by the local authorities to carry out development projects are a major source of anger and instability in China.

On Monday, many media reported the information, very followed also on the social networks.

“Why inflict your suffering to so many families? “asked an internet user on the network Weibo in the direction of the driver deceased.

But others raised the issue of expropriations and compensation too low to be offered to people whose housing is demolished.

“I have no sympathy for (the driver) but I understand,” wrote one internet user.

At the end of 2018, an argument onboard a public bus travelling on a bridge in Chongqing had led to the fall of the vehicle in the Yangtze, the longest river of China, and the death of at least 13 people.

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