215 bodies found in mass graves in Mexico

215 corps découverts dans des fosses communes au Mexique

At least 215 bodies have been discovered between January and may in nine mass graves, clandestine located in the vicinity of Guadalajara, in the State of Jalisco (west of Mexico), on Saturday announced the prosecutor of this State.

Some 157 bodies have been exhumed in January and 58 others during the months of march, April and may, said the prosecutor, Gerardo Octavio Solis, during a press conference in the video conferencing.

Five other mass graves have yet to be analysed and the number of dead could increase, he added.

The criminal activities in Mexico have not known of truce in spite of the outbreak of coronavirus.

Experts and defenders of human rights to attribute a large part of the violence that is ravaging Mexico to a military offensive against organized crime since 2006.

Since this date, approximately 287 000 murders have been recorded in the country, without it being possible however to do the count of those related to the war against the mafia criminal.

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